Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just in Time for the Election - Spankings for My President by Jean Gorski

Just in time for the election, we have a light look at life inside the White House, with this two novella combo pack from Jean Gorski. It contains both Spankings for My President and Spanking the Stars. Both of these stories were originally published on our Spanking Romance site.

Spankings For My President: She’s the first female commander in chief…but she still follows her husband’s orders, to turn herself over his knee. When a snoopy Secret Service agent makes their private life public, the entire First Family is soon caught up in the sex scandal called “paddlegate.”

But what kind of spankings is he giving her…punishment or pleasure, DD or BDSM or both? Soon activists on both sides are coming out of the closet, to claim her as their own.

Spanking the Stars: After ten long years out of the spotlight, former child star Jodi Burroughs is back on top again…and she’s close to throwing it all away. Due to her famous temper tantrums, the producer is planning to kill her off on her new hit TV show. Her agent Evan Mallory is determined to save her…no matter how many spankings it will take or how hard they have to be. They manage to keep their sessions a secret…until her arch-rival figures it out. She’ll tell the world about it,too…unless Jodi joins her and her partner in some swinging spanking scenes.Now a veteran fan magazine writer takes you behind the sound stage for this insider’s look at the new Hollywood…where some of the hottest action goes on after the cameras go off.

You can click HERE to read a sample page which contains Chapter One of both books. It's available as a download from or in print from