Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Ol’ Fashioned February Discipline!

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Hello, All!
As always, The Woodshed and Spanking Romance is popping along stories for your enjoyment. Just to tease you, if you don't have a membership, here's a glance at what we've posted on those sites this week!

Her Woodshed
*New sample in the Free Section!
A Gift For President Roosevelt by Monica Vale (Chapter Two)
Border Bride by Sullivan Clarke (Chapter Four)
Walker's Rules by Joannie Kay (Chapter Six)
Whiskey's Rebellion by Starla Kay (Chapter Eleven)
Lucinda by Paige Mallory (Chapter Four)
Re-inventing Ivy Kimber Davis (Chapter Seven)

Spanking Romance :
No Ordinary Affair by Shannon Fox
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into a fantasy world with a spanking man, with your husband being none the wiser?

In "No Ordinary Affair," British shop girl Mary doesn't set out to cheat on her husband. But when Ethan Willoughby appears one day to inquire about a paddle offered for sale at her antique shop, a chain of events begins that sends her headlong into a passionate dalliance that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

Her mundane life abandoned for a new existence as student to Ethan's stern headmaster.

But Mary realizes that there's a price to pay for getting what you want, and that being a good girl may be harder in reality than it ever was in her make-believe world.

An erotic tale full of action sure to not just arouse you, but make you think as well.

Click HERE to sample Chapter One

From Your Secret Admirer by Dort Wesley
Widow Millie Waters is amused and a bit concerned with her pretty sixteen-year-old daughter receives flowers and a note from a secret admirer, and as the days pass, she grows more upset when the flowers and love notes continue. Caroline is terrified the flowers are from one Teddy Preston, and she is stunned when that young man informs her she is too young to have a secret admirer! Sheriff Paul Taylor is finally pleased to meet the woman he can settle down with, and is thrilled when Millie agrees to go to the Valentine's Dance with him. Of course, Millie isn't so thrilled when Paul decides that she needs spanking for snubbing him, and she is even less thrilled when she learns who is leaving the flowers for her impressionable daughter!

Click HERE to sample Chapter One

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I bet you were all wondering, "So, except for all the Valentine's Day stuff, what new E-Books are out?" Well, we're going to tell you EXACTLY what we've recently been brewing on! Come check it out!

Disciplined Detection by Kimber Davis
Macy Reid is a new private detective, working for her lover, Noah Anderson, and his partner in their firm. He knows Macy's new at things, and he tries to push her along with games of detection that will help her notice things.

When the firm is given a big case involving embezzlement at an oil drilling firm, Macy and Noah travel to the Caribbean to investigate. Macy's enthusiastic to find out what's happening, but Noah wants her to learn the ropes and know that they have to work as a team.

And if he has to deliver a few spankings to get his point across, then that's just what he'll do.
Click here to read chapter one.

Partners In Crime by Fiona Wilde
Casey Levy is perfectly happy in her role as a spanked wife, even if she doesn't enjoy the disciplinary spankings delivered by her strict ex-Marine husband, Brian. But she sometimes does feel a bit lonely; after all, they don't make men like Brian much anymore so she lacks female friends who would understand what it's like to be a submissive woman who willingly subjects herself to bare-bottom correction.

Then she meets Jennifer, the pampered, superficial wife of David Clark, a wealthy man interested in investing in Brian's small security firm. Casey's first reaction to Jennifer is negative, and she resents being forced to socialize with the Clarks. Then she detects some signs that Jennifer is also a spanked wife. And when her suspicions are realized, she finds herself befriending Jennifer.

But when she joins forces with Jennifer to help protect her friend from a well-deserved spanking, Casey finds she's gotten more than she bargained for. Because as far as these spanking husbands are concerned, partners in crime should also be partners in punishment.

This story offers lots of action, and lots of different types of spanking for the reader.
Click here to read chapter one.

A Family Matter by Susan Joseph
Abby has had it with her sister-in-law's constant baiting and criticizing. Peter never heard the cruel things his sister said, but always seemed to be listening when she finally spoke up to defend herself.

Peter was adamant that his wife treat his sister well and turn the other cheek. He claimed that his sister's bad behavior was no excuse for his wife to behave badly, too. And he spanked when Abby crossed that line.
Click here to read chapter one.

But What About Me? by Joannie Kay

Beginning a DD relationship isn't always easy as Jeannie and David discover. Jeannie is discouraged when it seems as though David isn't ever going to understand, and David is sick of having Jasper's posts from the DD forum thrown in his face every day.

It isn't until David realizes that Jeannie is truly miserable that he goes snooping on the forum to find out what is going on inside her pretty head. He makes a few changes, and Jeannie is delighted, until David suddenly goes quiet and withdrawn after giving her a serious punishment.
Click here to read chapter one.

Sarah's Dilemma (The MacAllister Brothers Book Four) by Maura McMann
Sarah McKay has worked for Joshua MacAllister's store for years. She's been in love with him all that time, but has not told him. When she visits her family in St. Louis her father hits her with a bombshell. It's time for her to marry, and he's selected a bridegroom for her. And it's not Josh.

When Josh hears that Sarah's going to be married to another man he lets her know that's not acceptable to him. As long as she obeys him, and follows his lead, he can break the engagement and they can get married instead.

But Sarah is worried about hurting her parents, and it takes a few spankings for her to realize that Josh is right. He loves her and they belong together. Now they just have to convince her parents.
Click here to read chapter one.

A Warrior's Quest by Brandy Golden
Ramoric's dark brows drew into an arrogant scowl. "We of the warrior class have ways of dealing with temperamental women. She will learn to obey me or she won't like what happens."

It was King Xanther's turn to frown. "I don't want you to hurt my daughter. I trust you are not implying that?"

"I have no intention of hurting her. I may hurt her pride immensely and her buttocks will be sore, but she will learn to obey me."

"I'm afraid I don't understand."
Click here to read chapter one.

Plain Passion by Nattie Jones
Betsy Borntrager wants nothing more in her life than to kneel for her baptismal vows in the Amish church, marry Eli, and raise a family in the old ways. But she is surrounded by silence amongst the Plain People—silence that is meant to bring her closer to the church, and yet is pushing her further away.

The only one not silent is Eli, and he has a different way of dealing with undesirable behavior—spanking, suppositories and plastic rods that make her feel submission in a whole new way.
Click here to read chapter one.

Jake's Secret by Joannie Kay
"My father and brothers are going to kill you," Sabrina said soberly. "Will you please listen to me? I am not Charity Davis. My name is Sabrina Masters. Charity quit her job and left town last week, and my father volunteered me to replace her. That is the truth, and if you don't believe me, then don't expect me to save you when Papa comes. I won't do it! And I'll give you a warning of my own. No one but Papa has ever dared to spank me. You lay a hand on me again, and I'll personally horsewhip you before Papa hangs you!"
Click here to read chapter one.

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