Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Goodies from Bethany’s!

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring—having fun and getting work done! I can't believe that tomorrow's Easter already—a day of looking your best, family traditions, and getting some great food! We hope everyone enjoys themselves, and to make sure that happens, we've posted an Easter story on for our members there! Also, don't forget to see what's happening in the shed!

Easter Egg Hunt by Joannie Kay

Noah can't believe it when he comes home from work a couple days past Valentine's Day to hear his wife singing "Here Comes Peter Cottontail…" He groans and knows his wife's favorite holiday is approaching, and she was already indulging in chocolate candy she couldn't have because she is allergic to chocolate. He realizes he is going to have to be firm this year.

Megan loves everything about Easter; she enjoys handling the Easter Egg Hunt and the luncheon for her fellow employees, and each year she spends hours organizing and decorating plastic eggs and filling them. She fills baskets for each family attending, and she is determined to keep her promise and avoid the Easter candy that is all over her home. Noah promises her that even one piece of candy will earn her a daily spanking until Easter is over… and when he sees the empty wrapper on the seat of her car, he is determined to make this one Easter she will never forget.

Five Chapters

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Bethany's Woodshed

In the last couple of weeks, we have started two new stories, Veronica by Nattie Jones and Tartan Treasures by Kimber Davis, and completed to novels; A Gift for President Roosevelt by Monica Vale, and Walker's Rules by Joannie Kay.

Both of those stories are wonderful, as their authors are super creative and exceptional writers, and if you become a member right now you can read them without waiting for the next chapter to come out! But don't delay—after a while, the stories will move one by one into our E-book store, If you haven't joined yet, it's never too soon to start!

Completed Stories:
A Gift For President Roosevelt by Monica Vale
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Walker's Rules by Joannie Kay
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Our Continuing Weekly Stories

Veronica Chapter One by Nattie Jones
Sample chapter to be posted soon!
Katia's War Chapter Six by Maura McMann
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Border Bride Chapter Eleven by Sullivan Clarke
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Our Serial Stories

Don't Tempt Me Chapter Five by Amity Maree
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Shawna's Chase Chapter Ten by Chula Stone
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Lucinda Chapter Five by Paige Mallory
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History Lessons Chapter Four by Fiona Wilde
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Tartan Treasures Chapter One by Kimber Davis - NEW!
Sample chapter to be posted soon!
Lacey's Sweet Revenge Chapter Three by Joanne Locker
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Happy Easter, everyone!