Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Goodness--All sorts of updates!

The Spanking Story Archive's News!
Hello, hello! Good news for those of you with memberships for the spanking story archive—just yesterday Korey's been put in charge of the site's updates, and with that is our new goal--to bring the site completely up-to-present date by mid-summer. That means updates every few days!

For those of you without memberships to the spanking story archive, now's the best time to join! Our original mission was to post 6 new spanking stories every week, but now that we're playing catch-up, we'll be posting more like 18 a week.

But—there' a catch! Every time we put 6 stories on, we take 6 old stories away. So make sure you save a copy to your hard-drive and don't delay joining or you'll miss out!

Want to check it out? It's at!


New Updates at the 'Shed
Every week, we post five chapters of very excellent stories to our members area. Every 5th Thursday in a month, we publish a whole novel. Come, look around, read some samples, and get hooked with us!

Click on the story title to read the sample chapter!

Weekly Stories' Updates
(New!)Bartering Innocence Chapters 1, 2 & 3 by Dort Wesley
Tangled Lies Chapters 3, 4, 5 by S.K. Fero
Veronica Chapters 4, 5, 6 by Nattie Jones
Katia's War Chapters 9, 10, 11 by Maura McMann

Serialized Stories' Updates
History Lessons Chapter Five by Fiona Wilde
Lacey's Sweet Revenge Chapter Four by Joanne Locker
Aimee's Cowboy Chapter Six by Starla Kaye
Re-inventing Ivy Chapter Eight by Kimber Davis
Lellen's Journey Continues Chapter Five by Eslynne Piroska Weaver
Keys to the Kingdom Chapter Three by Fiona Wilde


New Stories at Spanking Romance

The Principal by Miranda George

Principal Justine Whitlock expects discipline in her school, from her teachers and from the students. When she has to downgrade a teacher for not following lessons plans she feels bad, but rules are rules. Unfortunately she learns soon after that her staff thinks of her not as a principal, but as "the warden." She's devastated by the news, but not sure how to change things.

Damas, a Taskmaster, knows that teaching Justine to relax and enjoy life might prove difficult. After delivering a few spankings, Damas decides he can't live without Justine. Will he be able to convince her of that fact, or will she decide to give him a failing grade, and kick him out of her life, forever?

Click here to read chapter one!

Do I Know You? by Paige Mallory

Rebecca is shocked to wake up in the year 1870 and find herself face-to-face with a man who looks like the man who killed her in 2009. She runs from him, only to have Will come to her rescue later when the perverted Sheriff tries to throw her in jail for wearing pants. She tries to escape him once more, only to have him flip her over and spank the seat of her pants until she agrees to behave.

When Will claims she is his 'girl', the Sheriff insists he marry Becky and put her in a dress. Rebecca isn't used to being told what to do, and she especially isn't used to being punished if she doesn't obey!

Click here to read chapter one!

The Swineherd's Princess:
A Sexy Spanking Sequel by Jean Gorski

Reading the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale called "The Swineherd," I decided that his princess got a pretty raw deal. "The Swineherd" in question was a handsome prince who disguised himself as a peasant in order to seduce her and then abandoned her after she gave in. That's when I decided to write another sexy spanking sequel, to set things right.

After the fairy tale spreads her fame, she will have men paying for the right to punish her for her mistake, by turning her over their knee. When her new career leads her to the new world, she will have to choose between the Handsome Prince from her own land…and a ruthless Robber Baron from Chicago. He has a strong spanking hand of his own...and a very good reason for using it. Which man will prove to be her true hero, when disaster strikes them all?

Click here to read chapter one!