Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Very Interesting Week at ABCD Webmasters….

This week has been VERY interesting for our members—especially those at Spanking Romance, where we have a NEW LOOK. We think this look is a little bit more male-friendly, and the way the stories are set up, the pages are thinner; making you think you're reading a real book!

But that's not all—there's more!

This week we're going to launch a MAJOR change to Spanking Romance where you won't just have to open the stories chapter by chapter—you can download the entire story in a PDF eBook! It's easier to download and to keep track of (as we put it into one file), and it's also FAR easier to print out!

Having Problems?
Korey thinks she has fixed everything—except that the actual html pages are hard to print out in the new format, making the PDF, easy and printer-friendly, such a nice solution. BUT if you don't think the layout looks great on your browser, let her know! She'll get right on the problem—she wants the site to look great in every format!

This Week's Update:
Acting Out by Sullivan Clarke

Big Dream Productions, after their strong male-lead actor was leaving to Massachusetts, didn't think they could find a replacement. That's until Hollywood Good-Guy Lucien Becker wanted to go back to the theatre. He was handsome, he was enthusiastic, he was a wonderfully good actor….

And completely despised by the leading lady. Laura, who passionately loves her community theatre, finds her world turned upside down when Lucien Becker walked in her life. She didn't like authority, and she didn't like men… And unfortunately Lucien was both. She should hate him---but instead, she is confronted with mixed feelings that turn her sense-of-self around in this wonderfully romantic story.

Read Chapter One!

Updates At the 'Shed

Weekly Stories

Bartering Innocence Chapter Four by Dort Wesley
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Tangled Lies Chapter Six by S.K. Fero
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Veronica Chapter Seven by Nattie Jones
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Katia's War Chapter Twelve by Maura McMann
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Serialized Stories
Rescuing Annie Chapter Eight by Laurel Joseph
Click here for chapter one!

Newly Completed
Shawna's Chase by Chula Stone
Click here for chapter one!

Updates at the Story Archive

We're right on schedule with our updating for the story Archive—not that we're still not behind, but we have done 3 updates this week at the Story Archive…


For the next month and a half, until we're caught up, we'll continue to post an update, and remove the oldest update, every week. So NOW is the best time to join!

Just make sure you make sure you download the stories after every update. THEY COME FAST, and THEY GO FAST.

Come and join!