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June 24th Update
Dark Command by Mona Whitlock

Simone put on the hard, tough exterior of a parole officer everyday most likely just to hide the dark fantasies that swirled around in her brain that she was so ashamed of. Which is probably why it was so strange that she met Leonadis—a dark, cold figure that seemed to bubble these dreams to the service.

After Leonadis was found by police brutally beating a victim that strangely disappeared, his parole was at the hands of Simone, who didn't know that when she would visit him during his house arrest, she was walking into a coven of vampires.

Will Leonadis fulfill the dominant role within her dark fantasies and bring them to reality? Or will he only bring her nightmares upon her?
Five Chapters

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June 16, 2009 Update

Making A Difference by Sadie Hunter

Colin was surprised to see the pretty nurse who saved his little Abby's life after the car crash that killed her Mommy. He walked over to say hello and was pleased when Lettie offered to help him find a princess dress for a birthday party Abby was to attend.

One thing led to another, and police officer Colin isn't a bit happy when he witnesses the pretty redhead's reckless driving habits. He decides she is too good of a friend for him to let her get away with risking her life, and he promises her a spanking. Lettie cannot believe that the tall good-looking man intends to spank her, and yet, he does… in spite of all her protests.

Five Chapters

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June 9, 2009 Update

Hidden Needs by Maura McMann

Lady Sibella of Atvale has been leader of the keep since her evil father died several months before. There are many problems in Atvale, including the fact that a curse from a witch keeps children from being born. Sibella is determined to find a cure to the curse, however, and repopulate the lands her father helped to destroy.

Prince Hector has been sent to the Atvale by his father, King Thurman. He is determined, as is Sibella, to make things right again. When the witch appears to tell him Sibella's father stole an amulet from here, and the lands won't be restored until it is returned, he launches an all out search for the hidden object.

But Hector has more on his mind that that. He has to woo Sibella, and teach her that that not all men are evil. To do that he must walk a fine line between discipline and compassion. Only those two things will win Sibella's heart, and help them find peace together.

Five Chapters

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Chapter 5
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