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So Many New Things at our eBook store,!

It's the same address,, but it looks much different and is FAR easier to navigate. It took a lot of work to get it up, and we are very proud of it. We hope you like it, too. BUT; as if that wasn't enough, we also have added eight new novels & novellas to our shelves there. Read about them below!

New Look of!

Here's the info on our new stories there. Go visit them, read the first chapter, and get hungry for more! Master: Land of Khys Book One
By: Nattie Jones
In the land of Khys, women are raised by the Wise Women to be put on the Choosing Block when they are of age to be married. Sierra has little hope of a match, and when one of the feared Dragon Masters claims the daughter of Lord Khys as his wife and Sierra as his servant, she is resigned to her fate. But the daughter of a Lord is but a pawn to be sold in the country’s upcoming war between the North and the South. Sierra is torn: should she remain a companion to her royal friend? Or seek love with the dark Dragon Master who spanks harshly and loves tenderly?

Size: Thirteen Chapters
Price: $11.95
Click HERE for Chapter One
By: Joanne Locker
Cleve`s next door neighbor is the most irritating woman he has ever met, and when she turns her music to "deafening", he pays her a call and confiscates her power cord so he can get a good night`s sleep. The next day he grins when "Pebbles"shows up at the Police Station to file charges against him and finds out that he is the one in charge.

Kelsey detests being called "Pebbles" and she quickly plots revenge on the big cop, but her plan backfires and she is shocked when he turns her over his knee and spanks the daylights out of her for pulling a prank he doesn`t consider the least bit amusing. Kelsey is not happy to learn she is attracted to the man, and she doesn`t know what is worse, the fact he spanks, or the fact that he is a cop!

Size: Five chapters
Price: $6.95
Click HERE for Chapter One Up Bones
By: Robin Smith
"Good guess, but wrong. Right now, we`ve got to get your spanking done so we still have daylight in which to set up your tent. Come on over."

Kasia had taken half a step forward purely on auto-pilot before the meaning of those words, of one word in particular, sank all the way in. She stopped cold, ran the last few remarks back through her brain, decided she hadn`t heard him right, and said, "Could you repeat that, please?"

"You break the rules and you get a spanking," Ez said, quite calmly. "I told you that on the way up."

"You were serious?!" She started backing up.

"One of those rules was the prohibition of swearing," Ez continued implacably. "You agreed to my conditions, you even repeated it back to me so I`d know you knew what you were agreeing to. And then you cussed at me twice. Now the first time...I can overlook that one because you were a little upset--"

"Buster, you have no idea what upset is!" she snarled.

"Drop that attitude." He didn`t raise his voice, he only stopped smiling, and that was enough to let the air out of Kasia`s outrage. "This is not an argument. This is how it`s going to be."

He wasn`t menacing her. He wasn`t really threatening her. Kasia was at an utter loss to know how to deal with him. She couldn`t keep backing up, because he wasn`t pursuing her. She couldn`t shout at him, because he wasn`t shouting back. He was just standing there, acting like he was being perfectly logical, and forcing Kasia to try and battle him with reason.

"You can`t spank me," she said finally. "I`m a grown woman."

"Yes, you are and yes, I can. And you can quit that," Ez added as Kasia took another reflexive step backward. "I`m not going to chase you down. I`m going to stand right here and you are going to bend over this generator and accept just and reasonable chastisement in accordance with the nature of your infraction so we can move on to the matter of your tent while we still have daylight."
Size: Twelve Chapters
Price: $9.95
Click HERE for Chapter One Fences
By: Chula Stone
Rachel skidded behind a stack of grain sacks and swayed, ready to run whichever way became clear. Scrapper relaxed and stepped back, eyeing her position as if to plan his strategy. “You won`t manhandle a woman,” she declared.

“What makes you think that?” he asked.

“You`re a Sanderson, that`s what. Everybody knows the Sandersons are raised better than that.”

He hesitated as if thinking this over and agreeing. She stepped out from behind the grain sacks in triumph. He snatched at her wrist and held it fast. “There`s always one black sheep in every family. That would be me, or haven`t you heard?”

Scrapper’s been a fighter all his life, but he’s hanging up his gloves and moving back home. Sparks fly, quite literally, from the first time he meets Rachel, but what about the timid Lydia he’s been courting? On the trail of an arsonist, Scrapper finds more than he bargained for as he tries to learn to control his temper around the provoking females of Gordon Hill who are about fed up with Scrapper’s outbursts getting them into trouble. With Celia and Millie Beth plotting to redirect Scrapper’s attentions, Lydia has her own ideas about how to handle the determined man.

Readers who enjoyed “A Stitch in Time” and “A Byrd in the Hand” will be glad to see all the old friends from Gordon Hill, where strong men know what to do about stubborn females when they stray.
Size: Six Chapters
Price: $6.95
Click HERE for Chapter One Mystery of Misty Corners
By: Joanne Locker

“Aunt Janie is full of sass, but I want you to know that I did and do take her seriously. No one is terrorizing her. If they were, I would know and put a stop to it.”

“Unless you are the one pulling the pranks?” Cara dared to point out, letting him know that she suspected him, too.

“Seems my Aunt Janie isn’t the only little lady full of sass,” he commented, his dark eyes seeming to look right through her. “The difference is that while I won’t raise a hand to her, I wouldn’t have any problem at all in putting you over my knee and spanking that sass right out of you. Step out of line while you’re here, Miss Hollister, and you will quickly learn that this little town isn’t the least bit modern when it comes to dealing with brats.” He handed back her driver’s license and said, “Turn left at the next light and you can’t miss Aunt Janie’s house. It’s the largest one in town and painted her favorite color! He grinned again and said, “No one is terrorizing my Aunt Janie, Miss Hollister. If there were, she’d take up her cane and give them what for.”

Size: Five Chapters
Price: $5.95
Click HERE for Chapter One Fixer Upper
By: Fiona Wilde

"It had started over little things - where to go to dinner, which play to see, what menu to serve to visiting guests. Soon they were fighting about everything and Quentin Carlisle’s quiet demeanor began to boil in the flames of Melinda’s scalding tongue. One night, after a particular heated argument, Carlisle was no longer able to ignore his wife’s invectives. It surprised him how natural spanking her seemed, and how readily he - as a private man - ignored her threats to call the police and report him for battery. Instead, his response was to pull up her silk skirts and briefly admire her shapely bottom and long, stocking-clad legs before ripping her panties off and applying a torrent of spanks to the perfect alabaster orbs that lay before him. Melinda’s shrieks rebounded off the walls of their bedroom and she fought with all her strength. But she was no match for her husband and soon she went limp from fatigue and sobbing.

But her apparent surrender was just a show. As soon as he was finished, Melinda vaulted off his lap. Carlisle looked at her, surveying the tear-streaked face framed by tousled blonde hair and waited for her to make a dash for the phone. Instead she made a dash for him. Quentin Carlisle caught his wife’s wrists and spun around, pinning her to the bed with his long body. She responded with an animalistic growl as she pulled her wrists from his clutch and reached for his face, drawing it down to hers. She kissed him hungrily as she guided his hands between her legs. She was sopping wet and so eager for him to enter her that she literally clawed at his crotch with her long nails. Frustrated that he had not yet tamed his partner, Quentin released his member himself, thrusting into her harder than he ever had. Melinda screamed again, this time with pleasure and met him thrust for thrust. Later, she rolled over, reaching for a cigarette even though she knew he hated the habit, and announced that the encounter made for the best sex they’d ever had."

Size: Ten Chapters
Price: $9.95
Click HERE for Chapter One’s Wager
By: Courage Knight

"Fifty, sixty swats. Surely the man was insane! How could he keep doing this to her? How could he keep hurting her, when he claimed he loved her? He was crazy! She was crazy. This was wrong, so wrong!

And then at last he stopped.

Larissa coughed and gasped, unable to move. Marco lifted her, settling her on his lap and held her close. She could feel his heart beating – fast and hard. His shirt felt sweat-damp, and she glanced up, expecting to see sweat across his brow. What she did see so surprised her that she was stunned. It was tears, not sweat that trailed down his face. Tears had dampened his shirt. He was weeping almost as hard as she was. She threw her arms around his neck and sobbed for all the pain he had caused. She sobbed for the horrible last two days – starting with the thugs who had accosted her. She sobbed for all the pretty things Marco had told her, because she hadn`t believed him. And she sobbed because, as foolish as it sounded, she loved him.

"I pray, my sweet, that I never have cause to punish you like that again," he whispered.

She hoped so, too. "Now, let me take you home. Perchance after a rest, you`ll feel well enough to accompany me for dinner."

She just nodded. It was the safest thing to do. She`d agree to anything he said. She`d let him comfort her, and feed her, and even make love to her. And then tomorrow she`d have to make sure that he never found her again."

Size: Seven Chapters
Price: $7.95
Click HERE for Chapter One Situation
By: Fiona Wilde
Elsa Rivers only wanted to get her last paycheck cashed and get out of the remote Texas border town of Dry Springs, but when she walks into the bank she gets more than she bargains for when a robber demands that she and everyone else get down on the floor. Elsa knows she shouldn`t look at the man, but can`t help it. As a writer she`s obsessed with detail, and her interest in the perpetrator is enough to make decide to take her as a hostage.

But Elsa is no ordinary hostage, and "Joel" is no ordinary robber. His motives for taking the money soon become clear, causing mixed feelings in his captive. What`s more, he`s hell-bent on keeping her safe from harm, even if that means becoming the law while running from it.

Elsa finds herself over his knee before she knows it, and soon realizes that obedience to this man brings not only risk, but rewards as well.
Size: Six Chapters
Price: 6.95
Click HERE for Chapter One