Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Stories from Bethany & Carolyn Faulkner!

As most of you have read over the last few newsletters, there have been some big changes at ABCD Webmasters.   The first is that ABCD Webmasters is officially becoming "Blushing Productions."  You'll see this changing on all of our sites over the next few months as the change becomes official.  In addition, we have added Korey Mae to our group.  She has been largely responsible for the redesign efforts you've already seen on some of our sites and is helping Bethany with updates. 

This has enabled Bethany finally find some time to write - so...  beginning this Thursday, on the third Thursday of every month, one chapter of one of Bethany's long-unfinished stories will be released, beginning, this week, with a chapter of Hidden Worlds.  Five additional chapters of Hidden Worlds are already finished and in the "hopper," and Hidden Worlds Book 1 is completed.  So if you've been waiting years to find out what in the (hidden) world was going to become of Rohan and Jen and Christy, you'll finally find out! If you let your membership lapse to Bethany's over the years, now might be a great time to join us again!

Secondly, another hugely favorite author in our genre is back, and is now writing exclusively for Blushing Productions.  It's Carolyn Faulkner, and she will be a regular contributor to our sites.  She began by releasing a new (and long awaited) age-play, Attentions Throbbing, to our eBook site,  It's up now, and this is brand new, exclusive, never published elsewhere.  Then, today, Tuesday, October 13th, a completed novella "Dutch" is being published on our Spanking Romance site.  And, a new full length story by Carolyn will begin in a weeky slot the first or second week in November. 

So... Bethany's back.  Carolyn's back.  It's a great time to rejoin Bethany's, or check out our combo memberships which give you both sites at a discount. 

Welcome back!