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New Romantic Stories from Blushing Publications

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New Stories Available from Blushing Publications!

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The Power of Love by Carolyn Faulkner


Annie Cavenaugh is determined to hang on to the ranch-- the one thing of value she has after the death of her father. But she needs help, so she hires Quinn Rideout as a ranch hand. But when he realizes that more than the ranch needs to be whipped into shape, Annie realizes she may have gotten more than she bargained for.

9 Chapters

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No Laughing Matter by Melinda George


Jaide Templeton is a twenty-two year old college freshman, who doesn`t want to be one. Always a prankster, her jokes intensify while she`s at home on her father`s ranch during summer break. Her parents, and the ranch hands, are none too happy about her new shenanigans, but she just keeps right on doing them.

Wesley Ford has worked at Templeton`s Alley since he was a teen-ager. He`s watched Jaide grow from a teen-ager to a beautiful young woman. When he unwittingly becomes the butt of one of her jokes, he`s none too happy, and he knows how to punish her for her behavior. By spanking her.

But, when the jokes continue, Wes is forced to try and find out exactly what is wrong with Jaide, and how it can be rectified.

Five Chapters

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What She Doesn't Know by Irene Glass


He enjoys pulling the strings and watching people squirm. She is his obsession. What will it take to satisfy his dark interests?

Macy’s computer is gone, and with it her job, her reputation and perhaps her freedom. With no choices left, she approaches the only person who could help her if she chose to pay his price. Betray a friend or go to jail, the choice seems clear to her, but her ex isn’t in the habit of giving choices. He spanks first and asks questions later.

4 Chapters

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Birthday Girl by Kimber Davis


TV news reporter Angie Hoyt is about to celebrate her 29th birthday. And birthdays have always been big with her. She has lots of lunches and dinners planned with her friends, and plans for it to be a fun time.

But Angie’s estranged boyfriend, photojournalist George Bales, has other plans. He wants Angie to himself this week. So he sets up a story for them, one that takes them out of Austin, following the trail of a famous bank robber who disappeared twenty-five years ago.

George hopes the trip will bring him and Angie closer. He also knows how much she loves to be spanked, and he plans on delivering a few during their trip.

But what starts out as a plan for them to be together turns into a hot story, that may just lead the pair to a robber, who doesn’t want to be found.

Five Chapters

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Teacher's Pet: The Beginning by Sullivan Clarke


Shy Betty Claremont is pleased to land a position as teaching assistant to Professor Ian Wimberly. After all, the hours of research the job will require, on top of her other studies, virtually insures her that she won't have to subject herself to any more blind dates arranged by a thoughtful roommate who wants to see her get out more. But Betty isn't hiding from the dating scene because she doesn't want to find someone, but because she doesn't believe a man exists who can give her what she wants - firm guidance backed up with serious spankings.

Then one day when she challenges the stoic Professor Wimberly in front of his students, she realizes not only that such men exist, but that one has been right near her all along. The relationship she enters is anything but conventional, and as she takes steps to live as his submissive partner, Betty discovers that there's much to learn not just about this enigmatic man, but about herself as well.

Five Chapters

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Mara's Consequences by Susie Daniel


The year is 3008 and Mara is before The Panel for creating havoc in the streets. Lightner, her father, is the only one permitted to speak for her, but since he despaired of her actions he did the only thing he could do to save her from Standard Consequence. He arranged a Panel Marriage for his feisty daughter with Trand Zford, a provider who specializes in proteins. It is Lightner’s opinion that life on a station will remove Mara away from the City and the corrupting influence of The Assembly.

Mara believes the marriage a farce, and is shocked to learn that Trand fully intends to make her his wife. The clothing in the changing room is that of a married woman, and she is horrified to learn she must wear a chimet.

Trand decides he must take command of his new bride while still in the Hall of Consequence when she refuses to permit him to place his ring on her finger. He takes her to an Applied Consequence room and spanks her soundly, and Mara tearfully agrees to behave. But will she?

Five Chapters

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