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Whether you find yourself single or with a loved one this V-Day, you'll definately be in the mood for romance. And you deserve a gift from yourself. Blushing Publications' eBook site,, has tons of romantic selections, Valentine's Day-themed classics, AND NEW STORIES!

Getting hooked by reading our sample chapters is a way to kill hours, and it's free. Please come and take a look around and treat yourself to something special this week.

Marriage Contract: The Rules of Order Book Oneby Jade Alanson (NEW AUTHOR!)

During her honeymoon, Bridget`s new husband, Sean Brady, uses the backside of a hairbrush to enforce the terms of a contract that Bridget chooses to see a list of negotiable guidelines rather than the strict set of rules Sean believes them to be. While over his knee, she discovers how unbending he is in regard to keeping promises and living up to the terms of the contract she agreed to honor.

Marriage Contract is the first in a series of domestic discipline novels about the Brady family, where the men are dominant and their women love them for it. Brady men truly care about their wives and understand they need to be loved and pleasured artfully. Brady books are filled with lovemaking, spankings, humor, wit and the emotional interactions of a large, exciting and close-knit family that believes in high standards of honesty, responsibility and moral integrity as well as in having fun.

Size: Six Chapters
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Searching For Pandora by Melinda Barron

India Davis’ best friend, Pandora, has disappeared. Pandora is an exotic dancer and the police are less than interested in finding out what happened to her. In an effort to kick-start the investigation, India takes a job at Shadowlands, the club where Pandora worked. She hopes that she can find out what happened to Pandora.

Drew Watkins owns Shadowlands. He knows that India is not your typical exotic dancer. He’s very attracted to her, though, and gives her the job. Soon afterwards figures out that she’s butting her nose into places it doesn’t belong. After she breaks a few club rules, he decides to discipline her with a few spankings.

India enlists Drew’s help in her investigation. They work together, and bad things start happening to India. Drew orders her to stop poking her nose into Pandora’s disappearance. Will she listen to him, or will she continue to find trouble while she searches for her friend?

This is one of our more severe stories, included with intense sexual scenes and situations.

Size: Eight Chapters
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Johnny's Bride
by Courage Knight

He must have been crazy the day he asked his sister to marry him. Well, step-sister, actually. But dang if she hadn`t been a burr under his saddle since she was just a little thing, and for years he`d been looking to move west, to get away from this god-forsaken, run-down, flea bitten farm, as much as from her pestering, meddlesome ways. Now why would he go and do such a fool-hardy thing as even suggest that she come along!

Kate had only been in love with Johnny all her life. She’d been waiting forever to hear him say the words, like how much he loved her, or needed her. She didn’t really need him to get down on one knee and propose like a fancy dude, but she had to feel like more than an afterthought! It would break her heart if he went west without her, but it would hurt more to marry him, knowing that he cared more about his new horse than his wife.

Then an angry lynch mob forced them together. It wasn’t the best way to begin a life together, but would they be able to put the past behind them and begin anew?

Size: Eight Chapters

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by Maren Smith

“Olivia,” Browan coaxed. “Turn around.”

Closing her eyes and bowing her head, Olivia shook her head. “No,” she whispered. “Please, no. Please, no.”

His warm hands came to rest upon her shoulders. “Olivia, please. Look at me.”

And from behind Browan, the colder icy tones of the Baron Saville snapped out, “Yes, Olivia. Look at me.”

Both Olivia and Browan snapped around, and Olivia screamed when she saw Saville standing there, dressed in black and filling up the doorway like a nightmare. She didn’t notice the gun in his hand until it went off, jerking his arm back and belching a puff of white smoke out into the room. The shot hit her shoulder, punching into her and knocking her back into the blackboard. Fire lanced through her, up her neck and down her arm, the shock of it sucking all the air out of her lungs. She looked down to see the front of her white blouse begin turning red.

“Oh God, Olivia!” Browan grabbed her as her knees gave out, and they both slid down the chalkboard to the floor. Olivia had no idea what happened after that; her whole world went black.

Size: Eleven Chapters

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A Gift for General Washington
by Monica Vale

Letitia Wilcox has always run a respectable tavern for the British soldiers who are occupying the rebel town of Trenton. Then why is she suddenly turning it into a spanking brothel…and on Christmas Eve?

The handsome British captain sees only one way to learn the truth…by paddling it out of her, in front of his cheering men. But he can’t force her to reveal her shocking secret…that she is desperately trying to distract them while their arch enemy George Washington is crossing the Delaware, for the surprise attack that will make him famous.

Soon Captain Bradshaw must save her from carrying out even more dangerous mission…luring the traitor Benedict Arnold back to face American justice. This time, the captain ties her to his bed and flogs her with his riding crop, to make her swear to give up her suicidal scheme.

How can these two ever find happiness together, when he is grimly determined to stop the beautiful rebel spy…and she is fanatically devoted to making a perfect gift for General Washington?

Size: Eight Chapters

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Bridezilla Two Packby Paige Tyler

Two of Paige Tyler`s best stories are finally being sold together in a discounted pack! This bundle carries the romances "Date for a Wedding" and "Bridezilla"!

Bridezilla:Travis McAlister had heard about it happening, but he never imagined his beautiful, sweet-tempered fiance, Chloe Sheridan, would turn into a bridezilla. But when they set the date for their wedding, Chloe changed right in front of his eyes, and his once calm, organized girlfriend was now freaking out over every minor detail.

He tried to ignore it, but when they were still without a DJ a week before the wedding, Travis finally decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. Not only did he hire one for her, but when she began to argue with him about it, he put her over his knee for a well-deserved spanking, followed up with a stern warning to behave or he would have no choice but to do it again. Would that one spanking be enough to get her to change her ways? Doubtful, not with a hundred decisions yet to be made and an out-of-control bride determined to make a major event out of every one of them.

Date for a Wedding: Sabrina Kyle wants to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, and what better way to do that than to go to a mutual friend`s wedding with a handsome man on her arm?

But finding such a man on short notice can be difficult, and against her better judgment, Sabrina asks the gorgeous Holden McKenna, a co-worker at the advertising agency where she works, to be her date. Her plan works extremely well and her ex can`t help but notice her. But things go awry when Holden catches onto the scheme. Not at all pleased to find out that she`s used him, Holden drags her off for what he considers is a well-deserved over-the-knee spanking! Consoling herself with the fact that at least she made her ex jealous, Sabrina spends the rest of the evening nursing a sore bottom while she promises to stay as far away from Holden as she can.

At work the next day, however, Sabrina is mortified to learn that she and Holden have been selected to work on a new advertising campaign together. To make matters worse, events conspire against them and they are forced to share a hotel room while they try to meet the looming deadline. But how can she be expected her to work with a man who puts her over his knee every time they have a difference of opinion?

Size: 2 Novellas / 10 Chapters Total (5 Chapters Each)

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