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King's Sorcerer

by Sharon Green


Damon Am’Troff, master sorcerer to the king, has been commanded to find a wife, but the last thing he wants is a woman ruining the peace and quiet of his home. His owl suggests that there might be a woman somewhere who is also reluctant to marry, perhaps they could join forces.

Damon likes that plan, until he meets the Lady Gayle. She is spirited, independent and intelligent, and she has absolutely no intention of marrying! Can he convince her that they could be happy together, or will he have to resort to using magic?

Size: Nine Chapters

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Pirate's Revenge

by Rebecca Jacobs


When Opal’s mother confesses on her deathbed that the notorious pirate Jack Marsh is Opal’s father, the beautiful, but impulsive, young girl is determined to hide on board his ship and wait until he is far at sea to make him acknowledge her. Her plans go awry when she picks the wrong ship to stowaway upon, and instead of her father, she finds that handsome Captain Boone McCrae is the master of The Lady Bess!

Boone wants the raven haired beauty in his bed. He does not believe for one instant she is the innocent she claims to be, given her passionate response to his touch, but for some reason he cannot define, the pirate captain feels compelled to return her to her village so that she can find her father… Until he learns Opal’s father is none other than his arch enemy, Jack Marsh. He decides then to use her to settle an old score with his nemesis.

Opal is shocked at the depth of Boone’s hatred for her father, and cannot believe he plans to treat her cruelly to take revenge on a man she has never met. Even worse are the feelings she develops for her lusty pirate… in spite of the fact he takes her over his knee and spanks her bared bottom at every opportunity!

Size: Seven Chapters

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The Patriot Bride

by Carolyn Faulkner


Hannah Cooper fled England to escape the aristocratic marriage her father had arranged for her. Now in the Colonies as a "widowed seamstress," she`s poor but content with her modest and independent life. But War has come to the Colonies and with it, the dreaded "quartering act." All households are ordered to feed and shelter British troops.

When Hannah finds Colonel Wolfgang Preston at her cottage`s modest gate, her first thought is, of course, to refuse him. He is an officer and could commandeer much more lavish quarters; she`s a single woman with a one room cottage. But he won`t take no for an answer and soon the reason why becomes obvious: Wolfgang Preston is the Duke of Northumberland and is the very man her father had arranged that she married. And he`s found her. And he can`t decide what he`s going to do with his lovely bride first: put her over his knee or into his bed.

This brand-new exclusive Carolyn Faulkner is Carolyn at her best; hot explicit love, hard no-nonsense bare bottom discipline, and a great love story to tie it all together.

Size: Nine Chapters

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Point Counterpoint

by Fiona Wilde


When progressive activist Jill Parmele lands a spot as co-host on Loggerheads, she considers it a good career move. There’s just one problem. ANN, the network that produces Loggerheads is unapologetically conservative. And her co-host, Brad Chadwick, reflects its right wing philosophy.

It’s not long before sparks fly between the two, but when Jill finds herself undeniably drawn to her dominant nemesis she’s confused by her own desires. And when Chadwick figures out she’s interested - and that this fiery liberal is actually a closet submissive - he’s determined to fulfill her every desire.

Size: Ten Chapters

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Mistress Mommy

by Abby Collier


Alicia was just a poor university student, and was feeling quite silly that she didn`t sign up earlier for student housing like she was supposed to. Now she had only weeks to secure a place to live, and was bold enough to call a very non-descript ad in the newspaper: "Person to stay at my home. Own room. Special circumstances for the right person."

Soon after knocking on the door of the Victorian mansion the ad led her to, she realizes "special circumstances" is an understatement. She must resign herself to be the ward of Mistress Mommy, who will make her start off like a baby--diaperings, public chastisements, and naptimes.

Can she resort herself to these circumstances? Or will it be resorting at all? Will Alicia find that she`s the `right person` for this arrangement that has open her eyes to curiosities and desires she hadn`t realized she`s always had?

Size: Three Chapters

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The Diary

by Kate Tanner


When promising young wizardess Kathrya finds herself bored by the politics of her kingdom and misbehaves by eluding her guardian, Adrian, she`s confined to her quarters as punishment. But Kathrya won’t be confined. She wanders the castle when Adrian takes his leave, and when her curiosity takes her the Queen’s quarters she finds a secret diary penned by a girl named Ambryn.

The diary depicts a culture in which girls are trained to be obedient and accept regular spankings from young men seeking obedient wives. But why is the diary in the queen’s chamber? And what part do the characters play in the current political turmoil shaking the foundations of Kathrya’s kingdom?

Size: 10 Chapters

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