Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wonderful Stories, Wonderful Changes at Romance!

New at!

Do you love Bethany's Woodshed but simply HATE WAITING to get a whole story? Spanking Romance, our membership-only story site, is the perfect solution!

Spanking RomanceEVERY WEEK we post a new 4-6 chapter story with your favorite authors that you frequently read at our eBook site and Bethany's Woodshed.

WAIT--there's more! After we redesigned the site last year, we also wanted to make some changes that make a lot of sense. That's why you don't get your stories in HTML-only format like you do on the 'shed...
At Romance, you can read your story on your Kindle (with mobi format), the new iPAD and your sony reader with our .epub option (new!). You can print it out with our .PDF version AND, for everything else, we have it available in PLAINTEXT (.txt) format, as well! Every story!

If you're in for saving money, this is the way to go! Memberships plans go as low as $12.95 a month (only $18.95 if you want a combo membership at Romance & Bethany's Woodshed!)

Come and read the first chapters of the stories we have up! Get addicted to our completed stories (including a 10-chapter novel from Carolyn Faulkner (in 2 parts)), with authors such as Carolyn Faulkner, Sullivan Clarke, Maren Smith, Joannie Kay, and many, many more! Our special formats are only in our members section, so join up and reap the awesome benefits!
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Have a wonderful week!