Friday, July 24, 2009

July Update at Romantic Spankings!

Hi Folks! Well, it’s been since about Valentine’s Day since we put any stories on our eBook site, Romantic Spankings, but we’re back at the habit! Below you’ll see a list of fine-quality spanking stories that we’ve graced you with this month. While at the eBook store, look around! We have hundreds of stories for all tastes! Many of which have made it onto our print-book site, or our Amazon kindle site.

Also, as most of you know, you can acquire these stories regularly and at an excellent value at our membership sites, Spanking Romance (1 4-6 chapter story every week) and The Woodshed (6 chapters from different spanking serial novels every week). There’s also plenty of stories stocked up there, so remember to save your stories to your hard drive so you can keep them forever!

Tattletale by Vicki Blue

Hard-hitting tabloid reporter Victoria Sutton has a reputation for always getting the hot story, so when she receives an anonymous package containing photos of reclusive philanthropist Slade Winthrop spanking a beautiful woman, she knows following through may lead to the scoop of the year.

But when she sets out to expose the deviant side of one of the world's richest men, she quickly learns what measures he will take to protect his privacy and quickly realizes that just because a reporter thinks she has the upper hand, sometimes her subject may have a larger one and apply it directly to her very deserving bottom.

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7 chapters 7.95

Starship Christmas by Courage Knight
Earth is dying. Policies to protect the environment were too little, too late, and the recent ice age has further strained already meager resources. A group of scientists propose sending two ships, one carrying enough DNA capsules to hatch one hundred fifty young men to colonize a new world, to plant crops, raise livestock, and dig mines, and ship these much needed materials back to the hungry planet. A second, smaller ship will carry one hundred fifty female capsules to serve as wives and helpmates to the colonists.

But saboteurs undermine their plans. Thieves stole from the ship's food stores before take-off. A virus breaks out on both ships, killing the captain and most of the crew, and they are hurtled off course. The planet they eventually find is not the safe haven they expect.

Imagine one hundred fifty young girls, and only one parent! The hormone inhibitor given to all children until the day of their marriage as part of the zero population growth also keeps them immature. They are spoiled, undisciplined, unruly young women. And now it is up to their husbands to tame them.

Journey with Starla Lelanie on the Starship Christmas in this first story of the Neverland series, as she meets her new husband and explores this strange, new land.

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12 chapters 10.95

Uncovering the Past by Melinda Barron
PhD student Naomi Hatfield has always been enthralled with pioneering woman journalist Gabriella Saunders, aka Lady McIntyre. So when the chance comes to examine the Victorian woman’s journals, Naomi jumps on it.

She travels to England and meets Lord Gavin McIntyre, Gabby’s great-grandson. Gavin is nervous about letting Naomi see the journals because of Gabby’s secrets. But he falls instantly in love with Naomi and he wants to keep her close to him while she reads about Gabby’s life, and discovers the secrets of The Spanking Club, both in the past, and in the present time.

A novella featuring characters from The Spanking Club.

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6 chapters 6.95

Austin Incident by Audrey Joseph
Austin Hunter is a rock musician on the rise trying to figure out why what he has - isn’t enough. His manager, Val is only concerned with propelling Austin’s band to superstardom. Their goals are at odds and their relationship gets worse the night Austin discovers Shay, a woman with a troubled past and a horrible secret, passed out behind his tour bus.

Finding he can not leave Shay, Austin puts out the call for help. Reinforcements arrive in the form of Edmund and Cole, friends, mentors and members of the legendary rock band Steel Ryder. Their lives quickly become more complicated. Before Val knows what’s happening she finds herself in a sexually charged relationship that begins with a manners lessen over Edmund’s knees. Helping Austin and Shay tests the marriage of Cole and Dana in a way neither one ever expected. A trip over Austin’s lap awakens deeply buried emotions in Shay and for the first time, in many years, she begins to believe that love may be possible.

Tempers flare and personalities clash as these men use a firm hand to guide the women they love and the women they love fight against the very discipline they desire. Will love triumph? Apparently not without some very sore bottoms!

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10 chapters 8.95

Minding Fletcher by Dara Ames
Cherry Morgan and Fletcher Alexander have been at odds with each other since they were children attending their older siblings wedding. Tragedy struck the family when Charles and Faith were killed when their buggy turned over, and bounty hunter Cherry and Marshal Fletcher both came ‘home’ to take care of their five nieces and nephews. The towns’ gossips and busybodies are positive that Fletcher and Cherry couldn’t possibly live in the same house wi

thout something immoral going on, and they agree to marry in order to keep the children all together. Fletcher is convinced that he can make the marriage work, provided he applies his hand to Cherry’s cute bottom as often as possible!

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5 chapters 6.95

Taking a Chance by Starla Kaye

Abby loves her husband very much, but they were raised so differently. While she wasn’t raised in a Christian home, she is willing to learn its ways out of respect for Seth. She also sees the guidelines they created together as ways to help her grow as both a Christian and as a loving wife. Sometimes she stumbles, sometimes she must accept being disciplined by her husband for breaking their rules and letting them both down.

After their short marriage they move again because of Seth’s career. Abby has more trouble adjusting to being a stay-at-home wife this time. Until now she had been satisfied learning to be a good mate and handling her household duties. When she is offered a chance at a job she really wants, she is excited…her husband is worried for many reasons. Can their marriage survive a change in the life they had settled into?

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5 chapters 6.95

Bane of Her Existence by Sullivan Clarke

After her husband loses his life for the Confederate cause, 33-year-old Charlotte Steele finds herself having gone from beloved wife and plantation mistress to war widow.

It's lean times for her and what remains of her household, and without an able man to provide for them, Charlotte decides she must assume the role. After all, tough times call for strength and she fuels that strength with anger directed at her late husband - who enlisted despite her pleas not to - and the faceless enemy who killed him.

But Charlotte's strength is tested when runs into Sgt. Nathan Bane, a Union soldier who will challenge not only her newfound need to maintain control but also her vow to hate anyone north of the Mason Dixon line.

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8 chapters 8.95

Protecting Innocence by Dort Wesley
Johnny Kincaid is astounded when Emma’s father literally gives him a boot off the ranch after he offers for her hand in marriage. Morgan Trask is furious that the man is proposing to marry his barely eighteen year old daughter, and when Elizabeth shows up at his door a couple weeks later, and tells him to keep his lying, scheming daughter away from her son, Morgan explodes. Trasks do not lie, and it is inconceivable that Emma told Johnny she was twenty-one years old!

When Emma runs away to find Johnny, Elizabeth gives chase; she is determined to protect her son. Morgan is also on the trail, to find Emma, and keep that redheaded son of Elizabeth’s from taking advantage of his little girl! The real problem, Morgan can’t keep his eyes off of Elizabeth, and Elizabeth feels the same way about Morgan… even all they do is fight with each other constantly over their kids, and Liz goes out of her way to earn a solid spanking from a man who doesn’t really believe in spanking females.

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12 chapters 9.95