Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Looking for an Old Classic?

New at RomanticSpankings.com!

When you're looking for an escape this holiday, we want you to be able to come to our stores and find EXACTLY what you're looking for.

That's why we'd like to take this moment and remind you all of our SEASONAL SPECIALS page at RomanticSpankings.com! Every month, we'll update it so that it's appropriate for the month, season, or holiday, so it's always changing! Don't forget to check out that page!

Come read our current seasonal specials--all of our wonderful holiday classics!

Christmas Medley

Joannie Kay
6 Chapters


Holiday Two Pack

Paige Tyler
10 Chapters


Secret Santa

Melinda Barron
5 Chapters


Wild Thing

Vicki Blue
5 Chapters


Christmas Four Pack

The Smith Sisters
4 Full-Length Stories


Holiday Help

Fiona Wilde
5 Chapters


Christmas Anthology

Joannie Kay
10 Complete Stories


Jamestown January

Jean Gorski
5 Chapters


And a new story from Carolyn Faulkner!

The MacNaughton Bride

Carolyn Faulkner
11 Chapters


If you have any questions, comments, or problems at all, please let us know at blushingcs@gmail.com!

Thanks & Happy Holidays!