Saturday, October 9, 2010

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That's right. We're so proud of our new store, that we want to invite everyone to see how easy it is, and to get themselves an account! So, 1 free story, every month. It will change, though, and free stories will lose their freeness. So get it while you can!
This month is Sharon Green's Guilty Blood:
Leda, abandoned by the man she eloped with, is desperate, desperate enough to become a thief. But one cool Parisian night, she picks the wrong house...

Etienne is not just another wealthy Parisian man. For one thing, he's five hundred years old. And for another, he has clear ideas about how to deal with saucy chits who steal from his study and then deny it. Vampire or not, he can wield a sturdy switch - a fact Leda soon realizes... and regrets. But in spite of her warm bottom, or maybe because of it, Leda is happy for the first time in years. And Etienne finds himself drawn to the cheerful young girl, in a way he's not felt in years.

But evil intrudes - an unimaginable evil from Etienne's past. And when that evil begins to threaten Leda, a final showdown is necessary.
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Finn the Devourerby Loki Renard

Finn the Devourer was published on Spanking Romance this year under three seperate stories: Finn the Devourer, Finn the Devourer: Identity , and Finn the Devourer: Captive now published together in this fully-completed novel!

Though pale as the moon and beautiful, Finn is a subpar, mischievous, impish vampire. Left as a foundling outside the House of Lidran, she is tolerated by the long-suffering elders who regard her as something of an oddity. After all, what kind of vampire has violet eyes, prefers hamburgers to human blood, needs to sleep at least eight hours a day and doesn't remember how she came to be a vampire at all?

But Finn isn't just an oddity, Finn is a vampire with a destiny, a destiny which is unexpectedly unleashed when Monsieur Leonard Chevalier, the devilishly handsome Deux Demain of the oldest and most powerful coven in Europe, pays a visit to his colonial cousins...

Monsieur Leonard Chevalier knows who she is, knows WHAT she is--not a vampire--but a devourer, an eater and lord of vampires... More importantly, Leonard Chevalier knows how to curb her misbehavior--with a firm hand. But will that be enough to protect her from herself, and her re-found enemies?

Size: 15 Chapters

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All Hallow's Eve

by Carolyn Faulkner

Eve's life changed forever in one magical, horrifying, wonderful moment. Marcus, her long time next door neighbor is not what he seemed. Or maybe... he was exactly what he seemed.

The last thing Eve expected to run into on Halloween was a vampire, much less one with a distinct taste for fine leathers... and how they crack against well rounded bottoms. But running into this vampire was going to be extremely detrimental to the health of her backside. Marcus sweeps Eve off her feet, but in the end he's the one that's falling.

This is one of our "Bethany's Dungeon" selections, which is given to a few of our most explicit and severe stories. It may not appeal to all members.

Size: 5 Chapters

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A Scary Halloween

by Joannie Kay

Cali couldn't believe she was going to spend the night in the old Quigley Mansion.  Michael claimed it was haunted, but of course she didn't believe him.  She didn't believe he would spank her, either, but after enough of her temper, he did just that.  The only one who sympathized with her was the long dead Martha Quigley, who had her own ghostly husband's spankings to contend with.

Size: 5 Chapters

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Masked Encounters

by Kimber Davis

Photographer Maya Taylor has had one desire for a very long time: to be spanked. She made a resolution at New Year's that this year it would happen, but so far she's been unsuccessful at it. Now that Halloween draws near she's wanting to find someone to help her fulfill her fantasy.

Computer guru Scott Webster can't believe it when he overhears Maya talking to her friend about her desire to be spanked. There's nothing he loves more than delivering a good spanking, and Maya is a beautiful woman. He's more than willing to help her fulfill her desires.

But Maya sees Scott as a computer geek, and has never given him a second look. To help him in his quest he needs a little help from a man who wears a mask, and a few Halloween parties.

Size: 4 Chapters

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Girl's School Ghost
by Mona Whitlock


As a psychic with a natural gift for seeing and communicating with departed spirits, Fern isn't easily rattled. But when she's asked to investigate a former girls' school haunted by its former headmaster's spirit, she learns that ghosts can be more than stubborn. They can also be stern.

Something is holding Jared Lockwood at the former school where he taught for years before dying of Yellow Fever. But what? Can Fern convince him to leave? Or will she wear out his patience- and get worn out herself- before she discovers the secret that his keeping him tied to the world of the living.

Size: 5 Chapters

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Ghost of a Chanceby Kimber Davis


Follow Leslie Hopkins and Reed Jacobs fall in love and battle and investigate both the natural and supernatural in this complete trilogy by Kimber Davis. Get all three of these novellas for one low price.

Seeing is Believing:

At first, Leslie Hopkins doesn't believe Reed Jacobs when he tells her somebody's using her store to receive their drug shipments. But it soon becomes apparent the private investigator is telling the truth.

Leslie is more than happy to help in the investigation, but she's not thrilled about some of Reed's methods, which include spanking her for not doing as he asked. But as the time passes she comes to like the PI. She just doesn't want him to know it.

As their feelings for each other grow, Leslie is faced with the stark reality that that Reed lives almost five hundred miles from her little town, and will leave when things are wrapped up. She wants to believe he's not just using her, for business and pleasure. Sometimes you just have to learn to trust people.
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Reed's Ghost:

Leslie Hopkins and Reed Jacobs, introduced in the story Seeing is Believing, have been together for a very short time now but they both know one thing. They were meant to be together and will never part

When private investigator Reed gets a new client, who has bought the nearby ghost town of Blade, he hires Reed to look into the town's past, see what he can find out about the tales of ghosts around the town.

Leslie is thrilled with Reed's new job and wants to help. And he wants her help, to an extent. He has to remind her, though, that it's work and what he says goes. And sometimes he has to use spankings to get his point across.

While the couple is investigating they discover some interesting facts about Reed's new client, and about the ghost town that proves to them there is more than a Ghost of a Chance that there are some things that just can't be explained very easily. And that includes the existence of ghosts.
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Differing Intentions:

Reed Jacobs and Leslie Hopkins are about to be married, which is perfect for both of them. But Leslie has one little problem. In January she made a promise to the ghost of Blade to help him move on. And she's been so busy with wedding plans that she hasn't followed through.

Now, with a month before the Oct. 31st wedding she's determined to make her promise come true, even if her future husband and she differ on whether there's ghosts or not. He agrees to help her investigate, but they have different agendas. He just wants to get a new case, and she wants to help the ghost.

Revisit the main characters from Seeing is Believing and Ghost of a Chance as they take a trip toward the altar, and their new life together, full of love and devotion, and a few spankings along the way.
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