Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas Western at Spanking Romance!

As the Winter season really begins to cool down this year, we've just posted a very new and special story for you to curl up with on Spanking Romance!

Laurel Joseph has spun up a new historical western for us. This one sure to keep you in the holiday spirit with six wonderful chapters!

Christmas For Tessie by Laurel Joseph
Cal Salter is not one little bit pleased at the prospect of a little girl coming to live at the ranch with his Pa, brother, and him, and he is even less pleased at having to decorate a tree and buy presents for a child he’s never met. Only, Tessie isn’t a child, and she admits concern over a family camped outside of town. With the snow storm quickly turning into a blizzard, Cal does the only thing he can do and invites the family to come home with them for the holidays…

Tessie is quite insulted to learn that the handsome man expected her to be a child, and she is outraged when he spanks her to force her compliance with his wishes, when all she wants to do is turn around and go home and run her own ranch! Between their common goal of giving the needy family a wonderful Christmas and the sparks of attraction between the two of them, it is bound to be a Christmas Tessie will never forget.

To read the first chapter, click here!

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