Thursday, December 11, 2008

The 'Shed's Forum is up and running!

After months of toiling and struggling with our new software, Bethany’s Woodshed is very excited (and relieved) to announce that its Story Forum is up and running! We’ve designed this forum to be the spot where members can come in and discuss their favorite spanking stories and novels. It’s not intended as a meeting place, but more like a book club. We’re looking forward to hearing our member’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions on our collection! Come on in!

To make sure the forum has the excellent quaility you should expect from Woodshed, we go through and approve all the posted messages before they even appear in the forum. Just remember, though, that your post may not appear immediately. We will make sure to go through the forum and approve the messages several times a day, and they will appear on the forum at that time.

For those without memberships to Bethany’s Woodshed, this is the perfect time to join! We’ve got several great stories running right now and more than a dozen complete novels. Come check out the ‘shed!