Friday, December 19, 2008

Get Illuminated!

The Church of the Illuminated and the Illuminator 2: Re-Illuminated is now on our Romantic Spankings E-Book site. This mini-series has struck us as particularly good, and we thought it would be a shame for anyone to miss it! Come read the first chapter and see if it hooks you!

The Church of the Illuminated by Jennie May
When I first started my journey into The Illuminated I didn't know what to expect. I thought I might find a cult with secretive religious ceremonies and strange practices.

Well, I did find some strange practices. Come with me inside the world of The Illuminated. You'll see, as I did, a unique community with strong beliefs. Among these is a commitment to traditional marriage where wives are subject to the discipline of their husbands. You'll witness this wife spanking in action and even attend a class on the proper way to discipline a young wife.

We'll discover some secrets about this world, and you'll meet a young man who is no longer one of The Illuminated but still holds many of their beliefs sacred. Find out how I responded when he asked me if I wanted to know first-hand what it was like to be an Illuminated woman.

Click here to read chapter one!

The Illuminated Two: Re-Illuminated by Jennie May
Come with me as I go back to learn more secrets of The Illuminated, this time with my ex-Illuminated boyfriend along for the ride. I'll be sitting in on a class for the young women of the group who are about to be married. They will learn what to expect when their husbands discipline them. They also get some discipline themselves. I'll also learn more about the sexual discipline that goes on in Illuminated marriages. I might even try some of it myself.

Things are hotter and more intense than ever as I witness and experience sexual spanking, disciplinary spanking, sexual discipline and even anal discipline in the world of The Illuminated.

Click here to read chapter one!