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Christmas Classics for your Wish-List!

Happy Holidays!

As we're comming closer to Christmas and New Years, we wanted to remind you all of our spanking stories from our Christmases Past that we're hosting on our E-Book Site. All of these stories are worth the read if you missed them last year! Give yourself the gift of spanking romance this holiday season!

Christmas Stories on Romantic Spankings E-Book Site:

Secret Santa by Melinda Barron
Kris Kleper can’t believe it when he draws Carol Gahlin’s name for the office Secret Santa drawing. Usually he hates this type of stuff and makes his assistant take care of the seven days of gifts.

But just days ago, he overheard Carol tell her office friend Vanna that she’s been having wicked fantasies, about being spanked. And there’s nothing Kris likes more than spanking a woman. Ever since then he’s been having wicked fantasies about Carol.

He starts the Secret Santa affair off by telling her to stay in her office, with the lights down, at seven p.m. two weeks before Christmas. When he comes in he blindfolds her, and gives her a Christmas spanking.

Carol is delighted by her gift, and wants to know who her Santa is, but the more she tries to find out, the more walls she hits. But that’s OK, because the more she tries, the more she gets spanked. This just might be the best Christmas ever for Carol, and Kris.

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All She Wants for Christmas by Paige Tyler
For weeks now, Hayley Knowles has been fantasizing about getting spanked by her husband, Conner. It’s a fantasy she’s sure that only she has until she lets her secret desire slip at a Christmas party with her closest friends. She is stunned to discover that the other girls have not only all gotten spanked before, but love it!

Hayley gets the surprise of a lifetime as each of her friends recounts, in great detail, the story about the first time they were spanked. Each tale is more exciting and titillating than the one before it, and makes Hayley only want to be spanked that much more.

But how could she possibly ever get her wonderful husband to do it, especially since she’s too shy to tell, him?

But this is the Christmas season, and thanks to the whisperings of a little elf, Hayley might just get exactly what she wants for Christmas!

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The Christmas Prank by Joannie Kay
Tally didn’t care that it was the Christmas Season. She was going to prank Eric and the dumb blonde he was engaged to. How dare he find someone else so quickly after she’d dumped him? And how dare he insult her by choosing a blonde! Tally went to great lengths to get even with insults, and pranking Corinne seemed the thing to do. She even sent her an early present of smelly socks!

Case Landers was disgusted that his secretary was the object of some prankster, and the smelly socks disguised as an early Christmas present was the last straw. If Eric’s old girlfriend was the guilty party, then he was going to set her butt on fire. He arranges a meeting with the petite redhead and is stunned to think that she was the vicious hellion Eric painted her out to be.

Once Tally learns that her pranks have badly frightened Corinne, she finds that she has ruined her own Christmas… and not only that, ruined her chances with a man she knew she could love and learn to respect. When Case gives her the choice of facing a spanking or living without him, she has to make a serious decision that will affect the rest of her life.

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The Christmas Fraternity by Courage Knight
It's the last weekend before finals, but the five friends are restless. They just can't get into the Christmas spirit. The weather had been unseasonably warm. No snow covered the campus. No wintry wind set their cheeks to glow. They were irritable and fractious, restless to be done with their finals, yet dreading their uncertain futures.

Jennifer's brother belongs to Alpha Alpha Chi, the geek frat, and they are doing something a little different this year to raise money for the empty stocking club. For ten dollars each the girls can visit "Santa", and depending on whether they'd been naughty or nice, they could either have their picture taken with one of the hunky geeks, or get their bottoms warmed butt-good.

The friends make a pact. They are going to do it! They agree they will all tell Santa they've been naughty, and if any of them back out, the other four will make her regret it. Arms entwined, they march down the street humming their theme song, as they are about to face The Spanking Santa.

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Joannie Kay's Christmas Anthology
This is a collection of ten Christmas Stories by Joannie Kay, four of which are brand spanking new, and six are favorites from past years, some of which have never been published before... This collection includes:

A Christmas Gift for Kaylee: Matt is very frustrated with his sweet wife. She spoiled Christmas for everyone each and every year with her snooping, and her determination to know exactly what everyone was giving her. He was going to put an end to it this year with a very special gift! After putting the present under the tree, and ordering her not to even pick it up and shake it, he waited to see how long she would last.

Kaylee is mortified when she heard the broken glass in the bottom of the package, and knew she had to replace whatever was inside to keep Matt from knowing she’d broken her promise, yet again. But, even more upsetting is knowing he expected her to open the brand new leather paddle in front of her family on Christmas Day!

A Gift of Truth: When his former mother-in-law called him in desperation, Matt boarded a plane on Christmas morning and came as fast as he could to see if he could help Cori. He’d never stopped loving her, and it took him all of two seconds to realize she needed a spanking now just as much as she had when they were married!

A Hymn for Christmas: Nellie is more than a little shocked when Silas announces there will be no Christmas in his home, and he reinforces his words with a sound switching. She decides she won’t be married to a mean man, and packs a few belongings to carry with her as she makes the long trek through the woods to get to her parents’ homestead. Silas is terrified that Indians or wild animals will hurt his lovely bride before he can find her…

A Traditional Christmas Eve: A loving DD couple celebrates Christmas in their own special way, reconnecting and renewing their commitment to each other.

An Uncomfortable Christmas: Dee is shocked when Adrian’s husband, Rick, pulls her out of Dee’s car and starts spanking her. She offers to take Adrian away from the abuse, but Adrian refuses to go! Dee calls Adrian’s brother, Jesse, to come and rescue his little sister. Jesse expects to find his brother-in-law crazed for some reason, and is very embarrassed when he walks into a domestic discipline situation and witnesses his little sister getting a spanking she earned. He decides it is long past time Dee learns to accept the consequences of her actions, and Dee soon finds that she is facing the first spanking of her life.

Christmas on a Budget: Newlyweds Heidi and Greg are living on a tight budget, but Heidi is determined to serve a Christmas Dinner to her parents that is elaborate and over the top. Greg is just as determined that she will hold to their budget, and when the disagreement turns into a full-fledged argument in the supermarket, Greg decides the matter needs to be solved in an elemental way… his hand on Heidi’s bare bottom!

Decorating the Tree: It was the same thing every year. Janie turned Christmas into a production, and everything had to be perfect. During those few weeks before the holiday, she made everyone around her crazy. But, no more, David decided. They’d agreed to a DD lifestyle during the last year, and this year, Janie was going to be sensible!

The Christmas House: TeriLynn seeks refuge in the out of the way Bed and Breakfast on Christmas Eve, but when she wakes up on Christmas morning, she finds a strange man in her room! Jonathan’s intentions were to be gentle when sharing the news that his guest was now living in another century, but the feisty redhead needs a lesson in ladylike behavior first!

The Christmas Lights: Maribeth was upset that Tobias bought a house right next to hers, and she delighted in pulling pranks to make him miserable. Tobias was fed up with all of the childish pranks Maribeth pulled on him, but when she build the anatomically correct snowmen and women on his front lawn, he knew there was only one way to deal with her…

The Ugly Christmas Sweater: Tom can’t believe it when Renee carelessly hurts his brother’s wife’s feelings over the handmade sweater Becky made for Renee. Renee swore she didn’t do it on purpose, but Tom is determined she learn a valuable lesson.

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Wild Thing by Vicki Blue
The faith of the Reverend Drew Copeland has served him well, providing inspiration to his growing church. He believes God still speaks to his followers, but when he is fired upon and assualted by a beautiful but ornery backwoods woman, it takes all his faith to believe the message he receives: that this is the woman God intends for him to marry.

But taming Purty Cain will take more than just prayer. Purty is defiant and angry, and comes with a painful past that has left her angry with God. Christmas is just another day to her - she hasn't celebrated the holiday in years. It is up to Reverend Drew to teach her that love means setting limits, and that pain is sometimes necessary to bring out the best in people. But disciplining a woman like Purty is a task indeed. Will she yield, or will the good Reverend force this wild thing to submit to a higher plan that will bring them together forever?

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A Christmas Romance by Joannie Kay
Betsy wasn't about to admit to her parents and brothers she couldn't afford to buy a plane ticket home for the holidays, and her old car wasn't up for the sixteen hour drive. So, to spare her pride, she invented a new boyfriend, and told her family she couldn't bear to leave him alone for Christmas. When the last of her first grade pupils leave for their Christmas break, Betsy thinks she is all alone in the school building, and sobs at the idea of being all alone for the holidays. Tim Feeney overhears her sobs, and is amazed to learn that she doesn't have a husband or a boyfriend… He asks her out, tells her he knows how to deal with bratty behavior, and gives her a demonstration the very next morning!

Betsy is furious when her brother shows up to check out her ‘boyfriend', but once she learns her entire family is worried about her she feels guilty. Tim doesn't believe in telling fibs, and Betsy soon learns that he has a very effective way of dealing with her less than stellar behavior.

Jamestown January by Jean Gorski
Bandit, rebel…TRAITOR!

Carver Doone was all of these and even worse, in his native England. When the notorious outlawed nobleman is shipped to the Virginia colonies as an indentured servant, he falls into the hands of a beautiful, willful planter named Lucy Waverley. Soon he is determined to turn the tables, as he plots to force her to marry him, thus winning control of her fortune by January…in time for the traditional Christmas feast.

Rallying his followers around him once again, he soon takes her prisoner in her own house. But that is easier than keeping her there…even with the aid of his belt, his riding crop and his own strong right hand. Will their growing passion bring them together before his enemies gather to attack him once again? And what will happen when his famous first love comes back into his life? Can his new colonial sweetheart win his heart from Lorna Doone?

With a wealth of authentic, convincing detail, Colonial Virginia comes to life as the setting for this hot historical captivity spanking romance.

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Penny Candy Christmas by Chula Stone
"I'm not a western novel hero, but I can spank like one when I have to. Maybe a good spanking is what you need to make you see reason. What you did was foolish and irresponsible and downright dangerous if it comes to that. What were you thinking?" As he spoke, he brought his palm down time after time on her skirted bottom. She wriggled and kicked in indignation but he held her fast.

Frustrated with Penny's fear and resignation, Logan is ready to try anything to get her attention. He tries books and candy and even Christmas carols but if necessary, he'll try his hand on her upturned bottom to make himself clear. If that doesn't work, he'll try other things to get a message across.

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A Teabag Christmas by Joannie Kay
Maeve O’Flynn decides to take a job at Macy’s Department Store in 1904 New York in spite of her husband Brian’s protests. She is determined to have a fancy Christmas the first year of their marriage. Maeve isn’t proud of the deceit, but she is certain the reward will dampen Brian’s temper once he learns the truth…

Maeve’s Da tells Brian that his eldest daughter is a good girl, “once you get her attention with a good spankin'”, and when Brian tells him that Maeve feels she is too old for a spanking, Sean chuckles and tells him to have Maeve speak to her Mama about whether or not she is too old.

Maeve’s first spanking from her husband is a shock to her. It is unsettling to learn that she’s gone from being subject to discipline in her father’s home, to having a husband who believes a wife never gets too old for a good spanking.

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Santa Wears Spurs by Kay Starr
Roxie Evans had left California, her wealthy but distant family, and a former fiancĂ© who’d turned out to be Very Mr. Wrong. She’d moved halfway across the country to begin a new life as a librarian and try to find a happily-ever-after kind of man. What she found was a cowboy with a reputation as the best sweet-talker in the state. They had nothing in common, except an attraction that took them both by surprise. When he approached her to be Santa’s helper this year at the ranchers association’s Christmas party, she’d teased him about what he was prepared to offer her in exchange for saying “yes.” He mentioned several possible enticements: one was taking her over his knee and encouraging her agreement by warming her bottom; another was offering to be her love slave. Both suggestions were not really serious ones. Until Roxie decided to call his bluff and accepted the love slave offer, thinking her acceptance not serious either. But as it turned out, he was serious.

Love slave? Well, hell, who was he to turn down such an opportunity! Dexter Malone could certainly do his civic duty by acting as Santa, and as offering his body to the pretty new woman in town. ‘Course he figured they’d really only have a night or two of some mutually agreed upon fun. Then he’d go his way, as usual, and she would go hers. He sure hadn’t counted on losing his heart to a woman who enjoyed sex, sensual fun, and a playful spanking as much as he did. He also hadn’t counted on having to spank her for real.

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Bah Humbug, Cowboy! by Kay Starr
Lacey McAdams had returned home unexpectedly during an early December snowstorm after being gone longer than she’d planned. To her horror, she found her handsome husband with his arms around her best friend, kissing her. Her world shattered. When he’d miserably tried to explain that they’d been worried about her and had only sought comfort in a stupid moment, she refused to listen to him. In her heart, she believed him. But she wasn’t sure she could ever forgive either of them, or forgive herself for being away from home so often and so long. Maybe their marriage just wasn’t meant to be.

Devlin had been horrified to discover his arms around another woman, kissing her when his precious wife walked into their kitchen. He’d missed her so damn much. He’d never meant to touch her friend. There always had been and always would be only one woman for him, his fiery Lacey Jane. Numbness spread through him when she wouldn’t accept his gut-deep apology, when she drove away from him into the snowstorm. This could not be the end of them. He would do whatever necessary to make things right again. Trouble was his wife could be pretty stubborn at times, unreasonable, too. But she’d accept his apology and his forever kind of love, even if he had to burn her butt to make her think clearly. And he aimed to have her back with him permanently by Christmas.

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The Christmas Four Pack by the Smith Sisters: Robin, Lauren, Mauren & Danielle
Originally posted on our site in 2004, you can still enjoy four wonderful stories for one low price. "O Christmas Tree" by Maren, "Seasonal Remonstrations" by Robin, "The Holly King," by Laura, and "Third Cousins," by Danielle."

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While you're all making your New Year's resolutions this year to be better behaved, read about some women who're not!

The Trouble With New Year's Resolutions by Paige Tyler
Sticking to her list of New Year’s resolutions had always been easier said than done for Tatum Webber. So, when her husband, Jarrett, suggests that he give her a spanking every time she slips up, she readily agrees. It might be just the incentive she needs. And besides, he wouldn’t really spank her, she tells herself.

But it turns out that Jarrett is completely serious about spanking her. And when Tatum’s best friend keeps ratting her out every time she slips up, she find herself getting spanked on a regular basis!

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Snowbound! By Maura McMann
Elaine Kirby has a problem. She’s just seen her boss murdered. In order to keep herself alive she goes on the run, and finds herself in the small resort town of Gold Rush, Colorado.

Sheriff Zeke Collins likes to keep a watch over the citizens of Gold Rush. He was intrigued by the town’s newest resident, but he knows that she’s hiding something. When a huge snowstorm hits just before New Year’s Eve he goes to check on Elaine, and invites himself inside.

Then he invites Elaine to play a little game that he calls Truth or Spank. He thinks this might drag the truth out of Elaine. Or it might drag her across his lap.

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A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to you from your friends here on Bethany's!