Friday, January 30, 2009

Last Updates for January!

As January rolls by, we find ourselves soon facing the Valentine's season. It's time to snuggle up to your better half and read some wonderful romantic stories we provide for you at our Romantic Spankings E-Book Site, our paperback novel site at SpankBooks, our Amazon Kindle site, and of course, our two membership sites at Bethany's Woodshed and Spanking Romance!

Speaking of Spanking Romance, we have a new update for January 27th.

Differing Intentions by Kimber Davis
Reed Jacobs and Leslie Hopkins are about to be married, which is perfect for both of them. But Leslie has one little problem. In January she made a promise to the ghost of Blade to help him move on. And she’s been so busy with wedding plans that she hasn’t followed through.

Now, with a month before the Oct. 31st wedding she’d determined to make her promise come true, even if her future husband and she differ on whether there’s ghosts or not. He agrees to help her investigate, but they have different agenda. He just wants to get a new case, and she wants to help the ghost.

Revisit the main characters from Seeing is Believing and Ghost of a Chance as they take a trip toward the altar, and their new life together, full of love and devotion, and a few spankings along the way.

Read Chapter One of this Five-Chapter Story here!

For Members of Bethany's Woodshed, this week we have a special treat for you! As it was the fifth Thursday of this month, we're posting a fully completed story!

Gideon's Hope by Amitee Maree is wonderful, six chapter story we know you'll enjoy start from finish!
Click here to read chapter one!

Next week, in our member's section, we will continue publishing the next chapters of several different stories, as usual. Until then, enjoy!

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