Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Updates at ABCD Webmasters

Now that we're out of the holiday season, you can never know what new novel we're going to post from one week to the next! For example, this week we made postings for the last two updates at Spanking Romance; the first a modern-day business romance, and the next--princess troubles of royal proportions.

Bite the Bullet by Maura McMann
Lovers Shayla Warren and Terrance Haskell work for the same advertising firm. Their relationship started when Terrance noticed Shayla was uptight about a presentation and had just the right way to calm her down: with a spanking.

Now they’re both up for the same promotion, and the company is unaware of their love for each other. One of them is going to have to bite the bullet and come clean with management. And when they do, who will take the job, and how will their co-workers react? One thing is for certain, Shayla needs lots of spankings to help keep her calm during this whole process.

Four Chapters--Read Chapter One Here!

Royal Pain by Mona Whitlock
Princess Zara of Rodoran has been groomed all her life to be Queen, and has no doubt that the mythical Sword of Angels will select her as it has selected other rulers in the past. Her father is sure, too, and both of them are too eager to dismiss Zara's older but flawed sister Landra from consideration. But their cruelty will have a terrible price, and when Zara is captured and falls into the hands of a cruel king and his stern lieutenant, she quickly learns humility through punishment and grows to understand that with power comes responsibility.

Five Chapters--Read Chapter One Here!

Also, there's some new sample chapters on the 'Shed's Free Area!

We never release chapter one into our free area unless at least the second chapter has been posted in our member's area. So, if you want to read on, you're able to!

Walker's Rules by Joannie Kay
Click here to read Chapter 1
Whiskey's Rebellion by Starla Kaye
Click here to read Chapter 1
The Land of Khys Book Four: The Lost Princess by Nattie Jones
Click here to read Chapter 1

Recently-completed novels in the 'Shed's member area include:

Simon Says by Chula Stone
Click here to read Chapter 1
The Colony by Fiona Wilde
Click here to read Chapter 1
Intruder by Joannnie Kay
Click here to read Chapter 1

These are just 3 of 64 fully completed novels currently at the Woodshed today, and more are coming in very often as others are leaving the 'Shed and are becoming SpankBooks and E-Books at Romantic Spankings.