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Valentine's Day Goodies from Bethany's

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As you can see, if you look of our blog page, we take V-Day seriously. This is the season of enjoying love, and wishing and dreaming. If you would like a wonderful Valentine’s Day story to get you in the mood for this time of year, you need look no further!

Operation V-Day by Starla Kaye

Valerie Hart left her very Alpha, very workaholic attorney husband six months ago, but only because they'd reached a point of total frustration with each other. Compromising on anything had seemed out of the question. Space away and time to settle down had been her only choice, she'd thought. Of course, she'd also thought Jett would come after her. The stubborn man didn't. And then, idiot that she was, she'd taken some poor advice and filed for a divorce. But she wasn't being an idiot any longer, and she wasn't ready to give up on their marriage or on Jett. Yet. She had a plan and set herself a deadline: Valentine's Day. If she couldn't win him back by then, well... No! She would.

The wife he'd loved with every fiber of his being until she'd left him suddenly walked back into his life. Pride told him to refuse to even consider taking her back. Hope he'd thought he'd given up on made him ignore his bruised ego and see what would happen. There would certainly be punishment for her irresponsible actions. He wouldn't forgive her easily, if he even could.

Read chapter one of Operation V-Day here!

Valentine's Cowboy by Starla Kaye
Valentine is a romance therapist burned out on the whole idea of romance. She needs a break from dating GQ fashioned stockbrokers and men whose lives revolve around their over-priced cars, high-tech apartments, and their belief that they’re super studs in bed. She needs time away from a therapy partnership that no longer makes her happy. Right now, nothing makes her happy. She needs a Calgon-take-me-away escape from all of it, and remembers how a recent client invited Valentine to her wedding in Maui. What better place for an escape? No pushy men to deal with. No pressures from her partners. Just time alone in paradise.

Sometimes paradise has its problems, too. Especially when her client’s cowboy rat older brother shows up, and Valentine wants to throttle him for his past overbearing ways toward his sister. Sam isn’t too thrilled to see the dipstick counselor who mucked up his adoring baby sister either. The interfering woman keeps right on butting her nose into his business, making him strongly feel the need to apply his hand to her sweet little bottom. Only touching her makes them both want so much more.

Click here to read chapter one of Valentine's Cowboy!

Sweetheart Dance by Paige Mallory
Lenora gasped when her husband’s hard hand landed on her skirts. Connie was a big man, and a very strong man. His hand was used to hard work, and while that same hand could be gentle when he turned to her at night, it was extremely hard right now… And hell bent on making a point. “Connie, you are hurting me!” she whispered frantically, well aware that all six of their daughters were across the foyer and waiting in the parlor for her to come and tell them if she’d managed to talk their Papa into the dance they were so looking forward to. It constantly amazed her that her children had so much faith in her ability to handle their very difficult father… especially when she found herself over his knee, getting a sound spanking! And, he hadn’t even tossed up her skirts yet!

Conrad Webster was positive his wife and six daughters were out to drive him crazy. Holding a Sweetheart Dance for Valentine’s Day might sound innocent on the surface, but he figured it would bring every single cowboy for a hundred miles in each direction, all looking to court his daughters. He wasn’t a bit anxious to marry them off, but it was obvious his sweet Lenora didn’t agree with him. The Sweetheart Dance is a romantic romp set in 1880 Texas, and tells the story of the Webster Girls and their beaus, all of whom believe in spanking!

*With this special deal, you also get the full-length adventure novel Teaching Samantha!
Click here to read chapter one of the Sweetheart Dance!

The Matchmaker by Fiona Wilde
As a counselor for a professional dating service, Cassie Bernard specializes in helping other people find their perfect mates. But her own love life is in a shambles. As a submissive, Cassie had hoped the self-professed dominant she met online would be provide her the love and limits she secretly desired for so long. But when her boyfriend loses interest, Cassie feels neglected and betrayed.Then Gavin Peterson calls the dating service, and Cassie knows right away that this is the type of man who wants more than just a role-playing relationship. Gavin is the real deal. So Cassie sets up the perfect date for Gavin with Lola, whom she describes as just the submissive woman Gavin's looking for. But there is no Lola, and when Cassie poses as someone else to meet her dream man, her trick not only puts her odds with her tyrannical boss but threatens to ruin any chance she has for happiness.Will Cassie be able to untangle the web of deception in time to salvage both her job and her Valentine's Day? Or will she end up truly being taken in hand, only to find it's far different from the role playing she's used to?

Click here to read chapter one of The Matchmaker!

Laurel & Joseph II—A New Beginning by Joannie Kay

Part Two: A New Beginning takes up after Laurel and Joseph have raised their children. Laurel finally confesses her need for loving discipline within their marriage, and to her surprise, Joseph is more than willing to take her over his knee for a good spanking when the situation warrants. These twelve stories show the pitfalls and misunderstandings that often occur when a couple starts a DD lifestyle, and follow Laurel and Joseph as they meet the new challenges they face. The Valentine’s Day short story in this compendium is:

Valentine Promise… Laurel is feeling guilty for having a poor attitude with Joseph.

Click here to read chapter one of Laurel & Joseph II--A New Beginning!

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New Updates on the ‘Shed and in Spanking Romance!
As most of you know, Bethany's Woodshed does not release a sample chapter for our stories until the second chapter of the story is posted in our member’s area. Since our last listing of the Woodshed’s free samples, two more stories have released their sample chapters to the non-members area!

New Serial Story:
Lacy’s Sweet Revenge by Joanne Locker
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New Weekly Story:
Border Bride by Sullivan Clarke
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Visit the 'Shed's free area for dozens of more free sample chapters! Bethany’s Woodshed has a slew of finished stories right now, and dosens on the way! Get your fill of them while you can, because eventually all of our stories move onto our E-Book site Romantic Spankings where you have to buy them individually!

Also, Spanking Romance, our other member site, has updated this last week with…

The Trouble with Molly by Starla Kaye
Molly and Clint grew up almost as brother and sister, although neither really felt that way about the other. An age difference and life mistakes kept them apart until circumstances brought them back together. This time their feelings were hard to resist, even though they tried. But the once high-powered D.C. attorney now back to being a rancher just couldn't keep fighting his feelings for the often irritating girl who'd grown into an irritating but irresistible woman. From the moment he caught her sketching him as he skinny-dipped in the river on his property, Clint was a goner.

Click here to read the first chapter of The Trouble with Molly!