Thursday, February 19, 2009

Featured Author: Starla Kaye

No matter what genre she writes—a historical fiction or a modern-day romance, Starla Kaye has a talent for making characters and situations that keep her readers coming back for more. Of course, the quintessential Starla Kaye will be good to take your out of the city and into a rugged wild-west scene.

If you’re a member of Bethany’s Woodshed, you’re probably waiting impatiently for Thursday to finally get here so that the new “Whiskey’s Rebellion” chapter will come out, showing Starla Kaye in her prime—in the wild west, by Dodge City with Wyatt Earp and his gang watching Whiskey’s wayward attempts at mischief and avoidance of the handsome Morgan, the retiring Marshal who her brother promised her to.

Spanking Romance, however, has the complete story of The Trouble With Molly where Starla Kaye brings a brilliant rancher back together with a blast from his past—who has grown into a woman he can’t find himself resisting.

Romantic Spankings, our E-Book site, also has wonderful options. One of our favorites, if you want a good-old taste of the old west, is to get a three story compendium, “Ranch Heat” where you can read three captivating stories where bratty city girls meet the only ranchers in the world that could ever steal their hearts.
Starla doesn't only do a good western, either. She's gone out on a limb and done something completely different, and did it fantastically! Hawke's Lady is a wonderful high-seas romance full with a fleeing aristrocrat and a Pirate Captain. You can buy this, as well as a couple of other stories, in an actual paperback you can take with you where ever you go, at our SpankBooks site!