Friday, March 13, 2009

Is there anything more romantic than a spanking?

Hello, Bloggers!

How'd it become mid-March already? Time is flying for us as it is for you; the only slow part of the week is waiting for the new spanking story updates every Tuesday & Thursday! Well, this week's wait is over.

The fortunate members of Bethany's Woodshed and Spanking Romance are going to again have their eyes full of literature.

Bethany's Woodshed has continued its story collection, and even has a new sample story for you non-members from Katia's War!

Bethany's Woodshed Updates
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Katia's War by Maura McMann
Chapter Two
Click here to read chapter one!

A Gift for President Roosevelt by Monica Vale
Chapter Five
Click here to read chapter one!

Border Bride by Sullivan Clarke
Chapter Seven
Click here to read chapter one!

Walker's Rules by Joannie Kay
Chapter Nine
Click here to read chapter one!

Ransoming Annie by Laurel Joseph
Chapter Seven
Click here to read chapter one!

Aimee's Cowboy by Starla Kaye
Chapter Five
Click here to read chapter one!

This Week on Spanking Romance

Two Horse Town by Maura McMann
When they were younger, Frankie Noxom and Landon MacAllister were inseparable. They fell in love on the rodeo tour and wanted to be together, always. But Frankie allowed her plans to be altered, and they went their separate ways.

Now, nine years later she wants him back. In an effort to get back into his life she buys the land next to him, intending to open a horse breeding operation that will be in direct competition with his own.

Landon doesn't care about the horses, he cares about Frankie. He's never fallen out of love with her, but he's leery about opening his heart again. Until one night when she goes to the local bar, and he decides she needs a good spanking.

The public spanking sets off gossip, but more importantly it pushes them back together. Can they survive the gossip, and more importantly a disapproving father, to live happily ever after?

Return to the town founded by the MacAllister brothers and visit their descendents as Landon and Frankie find love and happiness, with a few spankings thrown into the mix.

Click HERE to sample Chapter One of this six chapter story!