Thursday, March 5, 2009

Early March Updates at Bethany’s!

Our membership sites are updated every week! Come see what's new this first week of March! Remember, though both memberships sites have an ample list of completed stories, read them while you can! We keep the member's collection fresh with new stories; we eventually move older stories to our e-book site Romantic Spankings where you can buy the stories singularly without a membership!

New at Spanking Romance!

Spanking Romance is a membership site that posts 4 fully completed four to six chapter-long novels four times a month!

Byrds of a Feather by Chula Stone

Bull Cooke has his hands full with a gang of marauders eluding capture and a curfew to enforce, but he'll make time for a pretty little miss he sees down in a part of town he knows she has no business in. Lydia can't understand why she's getting such personalized policing, but she soon finds out what happens to young ladies who wander alone into danger. By the time he gets her to the dance, Bull's mind is made up, but can he catch his quiet little Lydia while he's trying to catch an outlaw gang?

Fans of Gordon Hill will enjoy seeing old friends Celia and David Byrd again in this historical romance that follows "A Stitch in Time", "A Byrd in the Hand", and "Good Fences", but the story also stands alone.

Click here to read the first chapter of Byrds of a Feather!

Upholding the Law by Laurel Joseph
After being badly beaten and nearly hung as a horse thief, Marshal JC Porter decided it was worth the whole experience to have the lovely widow Mackenzie Keller as his nurse. He'd never expected to fall in love again, but he was attracted to the pretty woman, and from the way she was fighting to protect him and his true identity he suspected the feelings were mutual, in spite of the fact he was told that Mac swore never to marry again. It was soon obvious the feisty young woman needed a spanking in the worst way, and JC decided he was just the man for the job… especially when Mac kept interfering in his undercover work to capture the rustlers plaguing the area. Mac had her own shameful secret, however, and if JC kept threatening to spank her, he was going to have to go!

Click here to read the first chapter of Upholding the Law!

This Week's Woodshed Updates!
Bethany's Woodshed comes out with 6 new chapters every Thursday and a full novella on the fifth Thursday in a month. There's always something new and different to read as four of these chapters are weekly stories, and two are from serial stories that change every week! Also, our member's area holds dozens of fully completed novels that hold hundreds of hours of enjoyment!

Weekly & Serial Story Updates:

A Gift for President Roosevelt By Monica Vale
Chapter Four
Click here to read chapter one of this story!

Border Bride By Sullivan Clarke
Chapter Six
Click here to read chapter one of this story!

Walker's Rules by Joannie Kay
Chapter Eight
Click here to read chapter one of this story!

Bound to Serve By Sullivan Clarke
Chapter Eight
Click here to read chapter one of this story!

Buying Trouble by S.K. Fero
Chapter Four
Click here to read chapter one of this story!

Katia's War by Maura McMann
Chapter One
Sample Chapter Out next week!

Don't Tempt Me by Amity Maree

Chapter Three
Click here to read chapter one of this story!

Recently Completed Full Novels at the 'Shed!

Whiskey's Rebellion by Starla Kaye
Click here to read chapter one of this story!

Not the Man She Thought by Samantha Danvers
Click here to read chapter one of this story!

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