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April 23, 2009

Fifth Thursday Update!
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Wagon Train Stowaway Book 2
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Look Twice by Joanne Locker

Sam Greene glanced up from his newspaper when another person walked into the Starbucks and nearly choked on his coffee as he did a double take. His heart was beating so fast he thought he would hyperventilate. Sam looked at the woman again, and while his heart told him she had to be Kathy, the hair color was red instead of blond. Still, women colored their hair, and they let it grow out sometimes. Kathy had pretty brown eyes, but this woman's eyes were green! While the hair color and eyes didn't match Kathy's, Sam's body told him it was the same woman who'd walked out of his life without so much as a good-bye. She walked like Kathy, and when she gave the clerk her order, it was Kathy's low, husky voice that still sounded so damned sexy, especially in the morning. The woman even ordered the same cappuccino that Kathy always ordered! Sam waited until she reached the door to leave and then found his voice and called out, "Kathy…?"

She stopped, and then slowly turned. "I'm sorry, you must have me confused with someone else."

Sam got to his feet and approached her, watching as her expression filled with fear. "Kathy, I know it's you, and you owe me an explanation. We can talk here, or at my place, but one way or another, you're going to tell me why you ran out on me without a word. Do you have any idea how many night's I've lain awake wondering if you were forcibly taken off the street and needed me? Wondered if you were being tortured… or raped? Damn it, woman, I feel like turning you over my knee and wearing out my hand on your backside!" he said, his voice harsh and full of anger.

Sam was shaking when she announced her name was Jenny and left the store without looking back. The woman was Kathy Jordan. He knew it; his body knew it. Did she have amnesia? Or was she hiding? Sam suddenly realized that people were staring at him, and he shrugged and returned to his seat. He forced himself to sit still and finish his coffee. The voice was Kathy's. He loved the woman and he was going to find her and put her over his knee and spank the truth out of her. If she didn't want to be with him, then it was her choice, but at the very least, she could have faced him and told him the truth instead of turning his life upside down and into a living hell. Sam Greene wasn't about to let her get away with that… And, she knew better than lie to him… He wouldn't let her get away with that, either. It was simply a matter of finding her, and he would!

Five Chapters

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