Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Triple Update at Spanking Romance!

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Other than that, there are so big changes happening at Bethany's— will now be updated by Korey. For those of you who need a spanking fix every Tuesday, she's your girl. Contact her if you have any maintenance issues or update problems with that site!

First point of order, she's caught you up to speed with 3 weeks' worth of Updates!

April 21, 2009

Dream Girl by Mona Whitlock

For Gwen, selling her custom-made garb at Renaissance faires is more than just a business. The faires transport her back in time and give her a chance to admire Nigel, a handsome fire breather who performs for admiring crowds. Gwen longs to belong to this charismatic man with the dominant personality and fantasizes about being claimed by him. So when a gypsy woman offers to barter an elixir guaranteed to make her dreams come true for an elaborate garment, Gwen takes her up on the offer without fully realizing the consequences.

For from the first moment she takes the potion she's hurled into another world where she is seized and spanked by the one means he wants more than anything. But is having your dreams fulfilled always a good idea?

And what happens when the line between dreams and reality are blurred?

Five Chapters

Click HERE to sample Chapter One

April 14 , 2009

The Librarian by Miranda George

Small town librarian Jina Shaffer is content in the knowledge she is nearing forty, and will likely spend her life alone. But one night, when she's had a particular bad day and has been a beast to her workers she finds a strange tome in a box of gifts books.

When a man comes from the book, and insists that Jina needs spanking for her behavior she'd none too thrilled, especially when she gets more than one spanking from the strange being.

Jina's not too sure what to think of her nameless stranger. But when she starts to have problems with a new city alderman she has bigger fish to fry, especially when the newcomer turns out to be a handsome younger man named Eric, who has a thing for books, and it seems, for librarians.

Five Chapters

Click HERE to sample Chapter One

The Easter Egg Hunt by Joannie Kay, Our April 7th Update, was updated on time.

March 31, 2009

Princess Jia by Susie Daniel

Princess Jia is determined to escape when Skye Patterson claims her and announces she will greet the sunrise with him to speak her vows in the mating ceremony. Her flight into the Tonan Mountains is successful, and she reaches the home of her childhood friend, Azel, who is mated with Waltice Tonan. Azel is determined that her husband will protect Jia, but Waltice is a good friend of Skye Patterson, and decided it would be best for Jia to have him for her mate.

Azel's displeasure with her husband leads to a serious punishment, and Princess Jia is claimed once again by the warrior Skye Patterson. Although she tries to escape again, Jia is soundly spanked and carried to the mating ceremony. It is not until after she speaks her vows that she learns the truth about Skye Patterson.

Five Chapters

Click HERE to sample Chapter One