Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Goodies from Blushing Publications!

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New & Fully Completed
5-Chapter Novella

Eve's life changed forever in one magical, horrifying, wonderful moment. Marcus, her long time next door neighbor is not what he seemed. Or maybe... he was exactly what he seemed.

The last thing Eve expected to run into on Halloween was a vampire, much less one with a distinct taste for fine leathers... and how they crack against well rounded bottoms. But running into this vampire was going to be extremely detrimental o the health of her backside. Marcus sweeps Eve off her feet, but in the end he's the one that's falling.

This is one of our "Bethany's Dungeon" selections, which is given to a few of our most explicit and severe stories. It may not appeal to all members.

We've again added brand-new stories to Romantic Sp., Blushing Publications' eBook site. These adult-only novels feature the best spanking in romance and erotica anywhere on the web. We also have a NEW "Seasonal Specials" section to give you some wonderful halloween goodies for this weekend!
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Bound By Love:
A Carolyn Faulkner Trilogy
Three Pack: Centurion, Sold, & Angel of Sudden Hill

Blood Lust
Mona Whitlock
11 Chapters

Happy Halloween!

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