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Winter's wrapping up and Spring Romance is blooming everywhere ALREADY! This has to get you in the mood to read more Blushing Books, and we're going to give them to you!, has tons of romantic selections including 6 brand spankin' new stories!

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by Mona Whitlock


Welcome to Afterworld, the post-apocalyptic world where the days of old have been reborn. Women are scarce and in the Kingdom of the Southern Realm, King Silas has vowed to protect the females under his watch. The kingdom rules for women are strict but fair, and when broken warrant swift, thorough spankings sometimes delivered in the Hall of Correction. Because of this, the beautiful women within the borders of the Southern Realm have a wide-ranging reputation for their beauty and compliance.

But the Southern Realm is under almost constant attack by the Outsiders, and when the Queen and Princess decide to join the fight and are punished for putting themselves in harm`s way, Princess Raven decides she has had enough and wonders whether the tales she`s heard about the Outsiders are true. In a bold move, she makes a bid to find out the truth. Will she discover a world she`d find superior, where women have more rights? Or will she discover truths that lead her to appreciate the limits imposed by the kingdom she fled.

Size: Five Chapters

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The Research Assistant
by Melinda Barron

Romance writer Tiffany Jackson has been advised by her agent that it`s time to spice her books up a notch or two. In fact, the agent specifically mentioned adding a few spanking scenes. Problem is, Tiffany has never been spanked and she hasn`t a clue about how to write about one.

Tiffany`s cousin Sydney has a perfect plan: Tiffany needs a research assistant. And she has someone in mind, Fireman Aaron Fitzgerald, a long time friend of the family. Tiffany hasn`t a clue, but Sydney knows that Aaron has had the hots for Tiffany for a long time.

A few well-placed hints, and Tiffany has her research assistant. And Aaron makes it clear that the research will be done under his terms...!
Size: Five Chapters

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Booked For Trouble
by Kimber Davis

Jade Marlow has inherited a bookstore from a beloved old friend. During the renovations, she meets her neighbor, music store owner Gregg MacAfee.

When Jade decides to add a coffee bar to her store, Gregg and his band audition. And, as their relationship grows, Jade realizes she’s booked Gregg for more than his music. He’s pretty good at spanking, too.

But when Gregg’s jealous ex-wife tries to come inbetween them, things get ugly, and it will take a spanking to clean them up.

Size: Five Chapters

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Heartfield Book Two: The Test

by Vicki Blue


In the second installment of the Heartfield trilogy, police officer Karen Patterson continues her investigation of the male-dominated commune where women are regularly subjected to corporal punishment. But a curious thing has happened; rather than be repulsed by the practices of the community, Karen finds herself drawn to the group and its leader, Clay Sanders.

When the influential parents of member Anne-Marie Markum pressure the sheriff to break the group up, politics comes into play and Karen finds herself caught between an unscrupulous sheriff and a community - and way of life - she`s growing to love. Heartfield offers lots of romance, spanking action and suspense for readers who can expect more adventures in the upcoming third and final installment.

Size: Five Chapters

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The Clifton County Fireworks

by Joannie Kay


It had been two years since Johnny Tanner and Jennie Rose Clifton were home for the Fourth of July, and the town of Clifton was expecting fireworks from the two hot-headed redheads. Two years ago Jennie Rose was humiliated when Johnny bid on her basket lunch and then told her that what she cooked was inedible, and she dumped lemonade all over his head. The tall redhead chased her down, and between the two of them, they practically destroyed the Mercantile until Johnny grabbed Jennie Rose and gave her the spanking she’d had coming for years! Jennie Rose caught the stage out of town the next morning and spent two years in the east with her aunt, and Johnny rode out of town and pinned on a badge. Now they were both coming home…

Jennie Rose is miffed when the first words out of her father’s mouth when she arrived was that she was to behave herself and not give the gossips anything to talk about. She truly dreaded seeing Johnny again, but her dread turns to gratefulness when Johnny rescues her from kidnappers.

Johnny is still smitten with the lovely Jennie Rose, and while he feels he shouldn’t have spanked her in front of the entire town two years earlier, he still feels she earned that spanking, and it wasn’t long before he felt like spanking her again!

Size: Five Chapters

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The Attic

by Susan Joseph


Neither Polly nor Micah was thrilled at the prospect of spending an entire weekend together in their old home for the purpose of cleaning out the attic so the house could be sold. The divorce would soon be final, and their attorneys were insisting they finish dealing with the last chore to be done.

Polly knew the weekend was going to be difficult. How could she spend time with Micah when it was so painful to know he didn’t love her? He went days without speaking to her when she did something wrong, and refused to discuss the matter.

Micah knew the weekend was going to be difficult. How could he spend time with Polly when it was so painful to know she didn’t love him? She purposely defied him, and he was forever fighting the urge to take her over his knee and spank her. But, in this day and age it wasn’t politically correct.

The discovery of his Great-Great-Grandmother’s journal opened a discussion that ended with Polly across her husband’s knee… but is this enough to stop the divorce?

Size: 5 Chapters

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