Friday, May 21, 2010

Cfpub-Online Story Club Memberships Now Available!

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We're thrilled to announce today a brand new product that we think will be of interest to many of you.  For years, ABCD Webmasters has run jointly with CF Publications the CF Publications Online Store.  At this store, since 2001, customers have been able to buy individual stories for immediate download.

Unlike our flagship website, Bethany's Woodshed, which offers almost exclusively M/F spanking stories and novels, CF Publications has always offered a much wider range of adult spanking stories for more diverse tastes.   We have hundreds of F/M stories in the database, as well as many F/F and even a few M/M. 

Early in 2010, we launched a new version of the store, using a brand new store software platform.  This provided our customers with a significant upgrade:  each customer now has an online "account," where all their story purchases were stored – forever.  No more losing purchases when your hard drive crashed.  No more forgetting where you put stories on your computer.  Every purchase made was stored in your online library.

Today, we have an additional enhancement:  Our CF Publications Story Club.  Here's how it works.  For a monthly club fee (there are a couple different plans) a set amount of credits will be added to your account.   Each story on CF Publications costs either one or two credits.  Simple.  The credits are yours to spend as you wish, and when you buy through credits you'll get the stories at a significant discount. 

A few things we want you to be aware of before you buy:

1. I have already ordered stories at your new CF Publications Online Store and already have an account. Do I need a new account?
No. You can easily add a membership to your existing online library account. (Please note this only applies to customers who have made a purchase since we upgraded our store in January 2010. If you have not purchased since then you do not have an account and will need to create one – it's free – before you initiate a membership or during the purchasing processes. ) All of your formerly purchased stories will be there, and any stories you buy using credits will simply be added to your online library, which you will need an account to access.

2. What happens if I join and then cancel? What happens to my stories or my credits? 

All stories you buy from us (whether using money or using club credits) are stored forever in your online library. If you cancel your CLUB MEMBERSHIP you will still have full access to your ACCOUNT. Once you buy credits, you have them until you use them. They onces you've bought so far won't disapear just because you canceled.

3. If I buy a club membership can I still buy stories the regular way when my credits run out?

YES. If you use up all your credits (or wish to buy new releases) you may buy using money. At the checkout of every purchase, you will be asked if you want to pay using credits or money. Click what you prefer to use.
4. I see that your top plan is $39.95 a month for 32 credits. What if I want more credits? 

At this point, we do not have plans to add a higher membership option and the software prevents you from buying a second membership on an account that already has an active one. If you wish to purchase two memberships, you will need to contact us so that we can manually add a second membership to your account. Alternately, you could have two separate accounts.
5. What happens if I cancel the club and then want to add it again? 
It couldn't be easier. You have a 'cancel' button accessible right from your account (Under the membership tab), as well as a rejoin option if you've canceled.
If you have any trouble, we'd be happy to cancel the club for you. You won't lose any of the credits you've already purchased through your membership even when you cancel.
6. So HOW MANY stories do I actually get?
This will depend, of course, on what plan you select and the credit value of the stories. All of our products are priced at either 1 credit ($4-6 dollar stories), 2 credits ($7-$9 dollar stories), 3 credits ($10 stories), or 4 credits (the few stories over $10). So, for example, if you buy the $14.95 Eight Credit per month plan, you would be able to choose either 4 two-credit stories, 8 one-credit stories, 2 three-credit stories and 1 two-credit story (or 2 one-credit stories), or 2 four-credit stories.or a mix of the any of those options! This is a SIGNIFICANT savings over buying the stories outright.
7. What happens if I forget to log in for a month? Do I lose that month's credits? 
No. Unused credits roll over, and will continue to accumulate. They will remain even if you cancel your membership.
8. How do I get my stories with credits?
Couldn't be easier. Choose your stories, put them in your cart, and when you're checking out, click under the option "Payment Method/Use Membership Credits", click the bubble next to *Membership Credits* rather than the "Credit Card" option. It will then take your unspent credits in your account. You can even keep track of how many points you've accrued and how many points you have left to spend from your account under the "membership" tab.

Still have questions? Let us know, and we'll answer them.