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This week we, at RomanticSpankings eBooks, have some FABULOUS new books to share with you and hopefully add into your personal collection!! This selection is so diverse, it might make your head spin! So please, come in, take your time, and read our free samples. How else are you going to choose what to read FIRST?

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Childbride Island (The Completed Novel!) - $12.95

& Childbride Island Chapters 6 & 7 (Only)
- $6.95

by Alice Liddell

At last! The last two chapters of the story of Clara on Childbride Island have been written, completing the novel!

Chapters are no longer individually for sale, but if you've been collecting so far, this is they way you can complete your collection!

Alternatively, you can BUY THE WHOLE NOVEL for $12.95! Your choice!

Child Bride Island--Chapters 6 &7:

At last! Two all-new chapters in the story of Clara on Childebride Island!  These two chapters complete BOOK ONE of Childebride Island:

The Intake Cottage.

Trustees' Day is held twice a year at Childebride Academy, and while it is no easy matter to reach the remote island upon which this unique training facility was situated, few of the trustees ever miss the event. For their efforts, they are the first to view the girls who will soon become available. It is lso their thrilling honour to introduce a bevy of beautiful young innocents to the delights of public chastisement and shame. Doctor Tillmore has outdone himself, planning a particularly titillating program, carefully tailored to the tastes of men with a strong interest in the female posterior. But Lord Bardwick arrives in a possessive rage, demanding that Clara be excluded. Will Clara have her experience in the Line? And what delicious torments has Doctor Tillmore dreamed up this time? Pick up this special two-chapter value pack and find out! You get two very long chapters, filled with punishments guaranteed to make naughty girls squirm!

Size: 2 Chapters

Childbride Island-The Completed Novel:

Romantic Spankings eBooks!In Victorian England, there was a remote isle known to a chosen few as Childebride Island. Under cover of night, young ladies were spirited away from cities and town on the mainland and brought to the island for specialized training, preparing them for eventual placement in the homes of wealthy gentlemen with very specific tastes. When a pretty young redhead named Clara arrives, gagged, bound and bruised, she is assigned to Intake Cottage Number 7 and put under the strict but loving care of Nurse Ingrid.

There she is washed, fed and dressed in childish clothing as Nurse Ingrid begins teaching Clara to submit obediently to whatever demands may be made of her. Clara doesn`t know it yet but she is destined for the nursery of Lord Bardwick, a tall and demanding man who wants nothing more in life than a grown woman he may treat as a dependent child.

The first step in Clara`s training is learning to place herself, every evening and without complaint, across her nurse`s knee, where her bottom will be bared and dosed with a large and uncomfortable suppository. On Childebride Island, naughty, willful girls who don`t cooperate are punished immediately, and sound spankings and shaming with diapers are just some of the punishments meted out with alarming regularity.

This first book in the saga of "Childebride Island: The Intake Cottage" is now complete, with two exciting new chapters. Read the full story -- seven very long chapters -- as Clara undergoes little-girl training for an exacting man who is determined to make her his own.

Size: Seven Chapters

Click HERE for Chapter One

Pets: Pani's Story
by Darla Phelps


There is no panic quite like waking up in a strange house with no memory of how you’d got there…unless that strange house is also located on a planet inhabited by giants who look on humans as fascinating, child-like pets. For Judy, a successful, liberated woman, being forced into perpetual infancy is intolerable. But how to go about convincing her new ‘Papa’ that she is not a cute and clever animal, but a species of person in her own right. Stubborn and willful and absolutely determined to win back her freedom at any cost…and that includes at the cost of her bottom!

Note: It is by popular request that I’ve gone back to write Pets: Bach’s Story from Pani’s point of view. This fantasy ageplay story involves an adult woman, is a darker Sci-fi than the first book, and the discipline is more severe. The ageplay is forced on Pani at first, so if that doesn`t appeal to you, please don`t buy this book.Romantic Spankings ebooks!

This story is also available within a 2-book pack with Pets: Bach`s Story for $16.95
Size: 14 Chapters

Click HERE to read chapter one!

Welcome to Bradyland: Rules of Order Book Two

by Jade Alanson


As if Kathleen Brady doesn’t have enough stress worrying about how to relax Bridget, her new daughter-in-law, and welcome her into the family, she learns that her husband Mike has just discovered a transgression she’s been keeping from him for three weeks. Although she knows there is no acceptable excuse for covering up what she did, she is trapped between an intuitive fear of being made to accept a truth she’s been denying, even to herself, and the need to set things right with Mike so they can continue to cope with a houseful of adventurous Bradys on summer vacation.

Welcome to Bradyland is the second in a series of domestic discipline novels about the Brady family, where the men are dominant and their women love them for it. Brady men truly care about their wives and understand they need to be loved and pleasured artfully. Brady books are filled with lovemaking, spankings, humor, wit and the emotional interactions of a large, exciting and close-knit family that believes in high standards of honesty, responsibility and moral integrity—as well as in having fun.

Author Jade Alanson is available through her blog:

Size: 7 Chapters

Click HERE for Chapter One

The Street Urchin

by Nattie Jones


When a lady shows mercy to Ivy, a beggar and thief, the limping and retired Dragon Master Asher is charged to keep her in line until her trial. The gruff man is quick to spank and kind at heart, but after growing up on the streets, Ivy proves difficult to tame. Old habits die hard, and her last act of thievery will change the Land of Khys forever.

Size: Thirteen Chapters

Click HERE for Chapter One

Thrice Illuminated: The Church of The Illuminated Book Three

by Jennie May


This is the third book in The Church of the Illuminated series. In Thrice Illuminated, Jennie and Eric attend a traditional Illuminated wedding and further their own domestic discipline relationship. Humor, spanking and sex are all included in the third Illuminated book.

Size: Four Chapters

Click HERE for Chapter One

Life After Rachel
by Maren Smith

Daniel was approaching the lowest point of his life after the tragic loss of his wife, Rachel, in child birth. The child had survived... But even that was looking bleak as no one in town could nurse the child. He was about to lose everything. He needed a miracle.

The "miracle" happened when the Sauks killed Ane`s husband and new-born child in a wagon-train raid. She had no one left, yet she was still quickly asked to help save this child she had never met. But Daniel wouldn`t give away the child, and the reverend couldn`t let Ane and Daniel share a house without being married... And so they were married, despite their tragic circumstances.

They didn`t speak the same language, and they didn`t eat the same food... And Daniel spanked. Hard. Above all else, the Sauks were approaching their territory.

Through the spankings and grief, through differences and danger, will love heal their wounds?

Size: Twelve Chapters

Click HERE for Chapter One

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