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There doesn't have to be a special occasion for you to sit back with one of our fantastic spanking novels at RomanticSpankings eBooks, but if you're looking for one, remember father's day is right around the corner, and it's just that time of year to buy him a special, spicy gift OR to appreciate all men everywhere, and how sexy they can be!

This week we have quite the variety from historical Christian Domestic Discipline stories to contemporary westerns and even a special father's day-themed novella! Enjoy our sample chapters and get hooked!

Our stories are like no one elses, and we're positive that once you buy ONE story, you'll have back again and again! So, come on in and take your time looking about!

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Fathers Know Best

by Jean Gorski


Can a girl from a domestic discipline family find true love with a boy whose parents follow a Master/slave lifestyle?

Not if their relatives have anything to say about it. The domestic discipline couple makes it all too clear that they would rather fix up their daughter with a, gasp, vanilla beau. The Master and slave are trying just as hard to get their son excited about owning a nice slave girl. But what will happen when both families are forced to accept each other’s lifestyles…and even try to enjoy them?

Hopefully, they will all get together in time for Father’s Day…having learned that, in their very different ways, BOTH of their fathers know best.

Size: 5 Chapters

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Penelope's Guardian

by Miranda George


Eldon Jacobs is none too thrilled to find out his new position comes with a ward, Penelope Martin. His anger increases when he finds out his new ward is making herself “known” to men around the town. Exactly how is he going to take care of this problem?

Penelope has long known she would need to make her own way in the world. She’s none too thrilled when Eldon Jacobs shows up and presents himself as her new guardian.

Especially when she finds out he intends to discipline her…the old fashioned way. But will Penelope find the man she loves in Eldon, or will she end up alone, with  nothing but a sore bottom from his heavy hand?

Size: 5 Chapters

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A Lady's Pleasure

by Claire De Harcourt


 Thea is given a dreadful choice: allow her depraved guardian to sell her to satisfy a gambling debt or he'll take her younger sister from the convent. She chooses the former, and Thea is turned over to the Marquis of Ashton. At first, the Marquis is understandably suspicious of Thea, believing that Thea is somehow in on a scam. But as he gets to know her better, he realizes that she's an innocent young girl put into an impossible situation. Except for one thing: the innocent girl, after one night in the Marquis' arms, has no desire to be innocent any longer. She begs him to teach her --- everything.

Size: Ten Chapters

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Lily's Lessons

by Melinda Barron


Lily Park is coming home. But she's not happy about it. Eleven years ago, Lily was driving during an accident in which her mother was killed, and she was seriously injured. Her father laid the blame on her, and told her he never wanted to see her again.

Now, Joe Park has become injured in a fall from his horse. He needs Lily's help to help him around the family's ranch. At the urging of her sisters, Lily comes home to Texas, reluctantly.


Once Lily is home, though, she and her father clash, and she regrets her decision. She especially regrets it after Chase Hamilton, her father's ranch foreman, steps in to let Lily know that her nasty attitude won't be tolerated at the Park Bar III. And he has just the right way to correct her behavior.

Size: Six Chapters

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By The Book

by Maura McMann


Married professors Anita and Glenn Kinsley are now empty nesters. As the new school year starts, their twin sons have gone to Yale to attend school. Now they are living in their house alone, with nothing but the school year and their smaller college to keep them occupied.

Anita, an English professor, is shocked when a colleague asks her to edit an erotic novel for her. And it’s not just any erotic novel, it centers on spanking. She takes it home and reads it, and is surprised at how much it arouses her.

Glenn, a history professor, is intrigued by the manuscript. After reading the manuscrip together, they decide to experiment with domestic discipline with a month, so they can explore the feelings, both physical and mental, that it involves.

Things are going fine until a busybody at the college finds out about the manuscript, and then all hell breaks loose.

Size: Six Chapters

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The Mayburg Chronicles

by Kaylie Carver


Own this comprehensive collection of historical Christian Domestic Discipline novels all in one! Contains "Ask & Ye Shall Receive", "Seek & Ye Shall Find", and "Knock & The Door Shall Be Opened" by Kaylie Carver.

Ask & Ye Shall Recieve

(You can also buy this exclusively for $3.95)

Big Stick squinted again before he shouted, “Lily, get in here.” He waited until her slim form appeared in the doorway. “Is this fellow telling the truth? Did you meet up with a Scug tonight?”

“Yes, Daddy. They've set themselves up in that grove their family used to tend as an orchard. It's gone wild now, but I guess they still own it, so maybe I was on their land.”

“And you never told me? Here I was, thinking you were safe taking the woods path. Girl, when I get a hold of you...” Here, he stopped. He seemed to remember what his hands could no longer do when he tried to sit up and realized he didn't have the strength. He turned to Hank and seemed to make up his mind. “Young feller, you look like a man who knows how to handle a woman. I just want you to know that if you give her what you think she deserves, it's okay by me.” With that, he folded his arms over his chest and turned his face away.

As they entered the kitchen, he heard Big Stick's voice say, “My razor strap is hanging on the porch.” Hank looked on the porch and saw a washstand set up near a broken piece of mirror hanging from a wire on the wall. He unhooked the strap and approached Lily.

“I hate to do this,” Hank confessed, “but I think we both know it's what you deserve. It's definitely what he expects.” He nodded his head toward the bedroom they had just left. “Lean over that table and hike up all but one petticoat.”

“I couldn't! Please, don't do this, Mr. Hall. Really, I...”

Her father's now rasping voice sounded clearly through the cold kitchen, “Do like he says. Now!”

A widow living out her faith. A man lonely and concerned. An old man clutching his last remnants of dignity. A murderer on the loose. Hank Hall knows he'll need all the help he can get to catch first a murderer, then a wife.

Size: Six Chapters

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New! Seek, & Ye Shall Find

(You can also buy this exclusively for $3.95)

Seek & Ye Shall FindWhat can make a strong man want to lay his head down and cry? How about a mysterious gal who can't stay put? With her relatives still claiming ownership, Daisy needs a firm hand to protect her as well as to guide her, as do all the ladies of Mayburg. The whole town works together to keep the peace, catch the villains, and get the two unlikely lovebirds together despite misunderstandings and disobedience which are quickly dealt with in the time-honored way: good hard spankings applied by irate husbands to erring wives.

Readers who enjoyed “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” will renew acquaintance with old friends like Lily Hall and Lizzie Jelpik, but this inspirational historical romance stands alone as well.

Size: Seven chapters

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New! Knock, & The Door Shall be Opened

(You can also buy this exclusively for $3.95)

Knock & The Door Shall Be OpenedHeather waltzed into town to set Mayburg on its ear, but she soon learned that Mayburg men had their own way of handling wayward sisters and wives.  Dwayne had his hands full with his sister Heather even before he met her enchantingly sweet new friend, Deborah.  With interfering mothers in the wings, the stage was set for a drama with more than a touch of humor as love and wedding bells fill the air.

Readers who enjoyed “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” and “Seek and Ye Shall Find” will renew acquaintance with old friends like Lily Hall and Lizzie Jelpik, but this inspirational historical romance stands alone as well. 

Size: Six Chapters

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Size: 3 Novellas, 19 Chapters Total

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