Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lookin' For A Warm-Up?

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It's that time in the season where we realise 50 brand-spankin' new stories to CF Publications Online! (Cfpub-online.com). Get ready for rump-roastin', sexy short stories that'll make you even hotter than the July heat! We have fathers punishing wayward college daughters, husbands taking their wives in hand, and men and woman both spanking each other! Come see what we have!

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Also, the past-new stories are no longer in the new section--that means: members, read your heart out! Those of you who don't have cfpub-online.com memberships... What are you waiting for? Plenty of good spanking stories a foot. All stories are available except those currently in the "New Stories" section... But there's always new ones coming out!

Cindy's Lesson by Alexia

"If anyone makes the effort to look in this window, all they'll see is a naughty young lady getting her bottom warmed for acting like a strumpet. Now if you know what's good for you, you'll get that skirt up to your waist!"Tentatively she raised the pleated skirt behind her. "Pull down your panties. Down to your knees. Your bare backside is going to feel this spanking."

Revenge Turns Sour by Barbie
Kathy is upset when her best friend Betty discovers that Kathy’s husband spanks her bare bottom as needed. Even when Betty’s husband takes up the practice, Kathy wants more revenge and schemes to get Betty severely spanked. But she didn’t count on the razor strop.

The Woodshed by Chuck18 year old Jerry Fosters was willing to take the blame for leaving the barn door open, and the bare bottom razor stropping, but Vicki Carstairs interrupted in the middle to tell his father it was she who had done it, even though it meant her own strapping.

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