Friday, July 30, 2010

Looking for something a lil' hotter?

We've had our hands busy this summer--looking forward to some exciting projects just around the horizon--but while we were working, we want to keep you reading! After all, it IS still summer-break and it's still the perfect season to sit out on the lawn with your favorite drink in one hand and your favorite spanking romance in the other!

A Plan of Perfection
by Abigail Webster

Don't miss this fun time-travel/ fantasy!
In a far future year, Hazel was blissfully unaware that the gods in their infinite wisdom were conspiring to play an evil trick upon one of their own.  She was going on her annual vacation, and her co-workers and employees were looking forward to three weeks of relative peace and quiet.  More than one heartfelt prayer went up, asking that Hazel find some good reason not to return from her vacation this year.  Not one of these good, hardworking people wanted Hazel to come to actual harm, but would it be asking too much for her to find love on another planet and settle there…?  She was hard to work with and forever finding fault with everyone and everything, unless it met her ideals of perfection. 
One she was finally on her transport, she was summoned for a communication and told to sit in front of the viewing screen, unaware that her life was about to change drastically.  “Welcome to the Council of the Gods,” an elderly man spoke to her.  “I am Zeus, and I am sure you recognize some of the others here… We have grown in number over the years, and while we have had our own petty wars and disagreements, it has been most disappointing to the majority of us to see how the younger ones of us are using their powers.  You have been chosen to punish one of our own.  Young Damien feels he has the answer to all of mankind’s woes.  He believes he can take any woman and turn her into an amiable creature, teach her to control her tongue and be loving.  He proposes that all women need a bit of firm guidance, and the world will be a happier place for all.  The prayers of your co-workers and employees were heard. You are transferring to the year 1698, Ms. Clark.  Damien is already there, and has established himself as a member of the community.   We set out to find the most impossible Earth woman we could find, and you were chosen.  You never smile.  You curse.  You never offer praise, only criticism.  You never say ‘Thank you’.  You are a scold.”
The gods had chosen.  Hazel was transported back to colonial America, to face a life beyond her imagining.  Damien is not at all pleased with the unmanageable woman the Council of gods picked for him, and her very life in these strict times depended on him taking her in hand quickly.  He believed in spanking, and would prove to the gods his plan was perfection.

Size: 12 Chapters

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Harlot Bride

by Alice Liddell

"Like many men before him, and many men since, Edward Tazewell, Earl of Chiltenham, discovered his future bride in church on a Sunday morning. Now, I am aware that it is hardly unusual for a gentleman to find a wife in a House of God, for there are few enough opportunities for the sexes to come together in polite society. But it does surprise in Lord Tazewell’s case, for his tastes in women were unusual and specific. The sort of female who suited his dark desires was far more likely to be found in a gaming house."
Thus begins the tale of the powerful Earl of Chiltenham and his young bride, Miss Lucy Farquhar.  In the Victorian era, no whisper of scandal can besmirch a young lady.  Raised in India, Lucy then orphaned, Lucy's behavior upon her return to London sets the town on its ear and she quickly becomes an outcast.  But a pariah is just what the Earl desires:  A girl he can mold to his own dark desires with no interference from a concerned family.  In short order,  (but not until she's subjected to an extremely thorough and embarrassing examination to confirm her maiden status) and much to the relief of Lucy's poor great – uncle and aunt, Lucy is married and whisked away to the Earl's country estate. 
There, Lucy's life quickly becomes strikingly different than what she had anticipated.  Hardly a bride, not quite a servant, she's trained to obedience and humility by her strict and severe husband, through the use of harsh spankings, the strap, the birch, and even the application of more unusual anal discipline. 
This is  a severe Victorian story, with harsh non – consensual elements of BDSM and spanking, and containing explicit scenes of sexual punishment and domination.  If such themes offend you, please do not buy this book.
Size: 8 Chapters

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The Preacher's Kid

by Jennie May

 The Preacher's Kid is the story of a young woman trying to distance herself from her childhood as the rebellious youngest daughter of a minister. She soon realizes, though, that some things are not meant to change.  This is a sweeter, more old-fashioned story which contains no explicit sexual content and no "adult" language.  For those who have been looking for softer stories, this one is for you.

Size: 7 Chapters

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Nosy By Nature

by Paige Tyler


Daphne Sullivan can’t seem to keep her nose out of other people’s business and it has been known to get her into hot water.  So, she makes a solemn promise to her husband, Zak, to end her nosy behavior once and for all.  He takes her at a word and makes a promise of his own – the next time she puts her nose where it doesn’t belong, he’s going to put her over his knee for a discipline spanking the likes of which she’s never had before.  Daphne certainly loves a good erotic spanking, but the thought of a getting hard discipline spanking is more than enough to help her keep her word.
Until the new neighbors move in.  They’re mysterious and closed-mouth, and Daphne has no doubt that they’re hiding something.  The urge to find out what it is, is almost overpowering, though.  But she knows what will happen if she snoops again.
 Can she really overcome her nature, though?  If she can’t, it might lead to more than just a series of hard spankings.  It might just endanger her life.

Size: 8 Chapters

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by Sharon Green


When Ralie Oswald is assigned to security detail for a trip to a mysterious planet, details are sketchy at best. She has no way of knowing the Confederation seeks to tap into the mysterious powers of the alien inhabitants. And she has no idea that she is about to be a pawn in the quest to gain that power. When she is double-crossed and "loaned" to the aliens by a superior officer, Ralie finds herself trapped in a patriarchal society where females are expected to submit and are soundly spanked if they disobey. Will she find her way back home? Or will she be forever captive in a strange world.

Size: 6 Chapters

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The Wooden Box Combo
by Joanne Locker


Now the second Wooden Box story is available, though if you haven't read "The Wooden Box" yet, buy the 2-Pack for the discounted price of $8.95--because once you open the wooden box, you'll ALSO be swept away!

Sarah's Story: The Wooden Box

(Also for sale exclusively for $4.95)
"Never, never open this box, child not unless life becomes so unbearable that you cannot go on. Nothing will ever be the same again, and there will be no turning back!?

Sarah is miserable, and in desperation, she opens the Wooden Box her Great-Grandmother has guarded as long as Sarah can remember. A pink fog fills the room, and Sarah wakes up five-hundred years in the future, with a bearded giant named Wolfe who says she now belongs to him. Wolfe proclaims that his way of showing he cherishes her is to stripe her pretty ass with a blue piece of leather?
Size: 9 Chapters

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New! Katy's Story: The Wooden Box 2 by Joanne Locker

(You can also buy this exclusively for $5.95)

Seek & Ye Shall Find
Katy is forced to use the wooden box that her Gramma Sarah warned her never to use unless she was in dire danger and there was no other choice.  When the pink mist clears she is at least five hundred years in the past before her Gramma Sarah was born!  And, to make matters even worse, she is in the middle of a battle between a band of Indians and a wagon train of settlers.  Once the Indians are chased away by the soldiers, Katy finds one survivor of the battle, Zandor Fielding.
Zandor is surprised at the strength of his feelings for the pretty brunette who claims to be a Doctor!  That is almost unheard of, especially in the west.  Pretty Katy isn’t much on obedience, either, but he has a cure for that, and wastes no time in turning the lovely Katy over his knee for a good spanking!
Katy is afraid to tell Zandor the truth about the wooden box, recalling all of her Gramma’s warnings to keep the truth a secret.  She soon finds herself engaged to Zandor, and learns he does truly believe in spanking!
Size: 2 Novellas, 21 Chapters Total