Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Again, welcome to our new update blog. I'm so excited to finally have a really easy and efficient way to communicate to all my members and guests what's new on our spanking sites! Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I love having a holiday where I don't have to cook! For anyone! And I love seeing the kids coming to the door, though I don't have any of mine doing that anymore. (A couple of years ago, my 15 year old son tried to convince me that he and his buddies were going to go trick-or-treating disguised as teenagers. I thought that was probably the time to call it to a halt!)

We've had a couple good stories posted this year for Halloween, and I wanted to let you know about them. On our SpankingRomance site (which publishes a completed 4-7 chapter novella every week) we have several stories. Farm Wife by Sullivan Clarke was actually posted in two parts. (We don't normally split stories on SpankingRomance but this one time a story was posted over two weeks.)

Elsa Klein-Faulkner isn't thrilled about leaving her urban American dwelling for life on a farm in the English countryside, but she does it anyway because she wants to support her husband in his dream to restore the farm he inherited. Right away, it's apparent that life on he farm will be different in more ways than one. Elsa is displayed by disturbing dreams seen through the eyes of a wife regularly spanked by her stern husband. She and her husband start finding objects out of place - including a wide leather strap.

Curiosity about the couple who once occupied the home consumes Elsa, who finds that the history of the house may be more terrifying than a mere haunting. And when her husband starts changing from a quiet, easy-going man to a stern disciplinarian Elsa faces a race against time to solve the mystery before it is too late.

Here's Chapter one of Farm Wife. This eleven chapter story is complete, in Spanking Romance now.

We also did something we've never done before, which is to run a story with the same characters on both our Bethany's Woodshed site, and our Spanking Romance site. Joanne Locker wrote two connected novellas, one for each site.

From the very moment Bethie steps inside The Haunted House she knows it is absolutely perfect, both for her business, and as a place for Scaring the Pants Off Halloween guests. Her fiancé, Alex, is not the least bit impressed with the house on first sight, and is upset that she would make such a large purchase without consulting him first. Then, there is the fact that Bethie seems to be spending more time planning her Halloween Party than planning their wedding!

In the first story of this set, The Haunted House (Which is currently to be found on Spanking Romance), Bethie is shocked to learn that Alex believes in spanking, and he is equally shocked to learn that she has wanted him to take her to task when she does things that aren’t acceptable. Bethie immerses herself in plans for her party, and Alex is constantly warning her that he won’t tolerate her frightening her guests, but he is the one in for a surprise when Bethie insists the house is actually haunted!

In the second story of this set, Scaring the Pants Off Halloween (Which is currently to be found on Bethany’s Woodshed), the long anticipated Halloween party is coming up, and Alex is positive his wife needs a nightly reminder to keep her from frightening their guests… But, not even Alex can control their resident ghosts, Elizabetta and Herbert, when they decide to get involved… and it is soon obvious that ghostly Elizabetta needs a spanking just as much as Bethie does!

Here's Chapter One of Haunted House.

Here's Chapter One of Scaring the Pants Off Halloween.

And just for a little Halloween bonus, here's a completed short story we ran on Bethany's a couple years back, The Halloween Trick by Sullivan Clarke. Enjoy!