Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great New Laurel Joseph Western!

Through the years, Laurel has written some of our most popular Westerns. I mean, who doesn't love a spankin' cowboy?

This Tuesday, for our regular weekly update on Spanking Romance, we've got a brand new six chapter western called Matt and Cynthia.

Spoiled Cynthia Gregory is not pleased when she learns that her deceased Mother spent every cent her Father earned. She was now the poor relation to her Uncles and had absolutely no choice but to go and live on their small ranch since her Mama named them her guardians. Six weeks after arriving, Cynthia was still full of anger and rage and the three cowboys horsing around in the General Store became the target of her temper. Matt Donnelly couldn’t believe it when his brothers ran from the feisty little redhead who was smacking them with a flyswatter; if it was him she was threatening in that manner, he would take the darn thing from her and turn her over his knee. Cynthia decided Matt was guilty by association with the other two, and turned on him next, but Matt wasn’t as young as the other two, and for the first time in her sheltered life she found herself lying across a man’s lap while he spanked her bottom!

Here's Chapter One.

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