Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Week's Story on Spanking Romance

One of the BEST things about our SpankingRomance site is the variation in the stories from week to week. We try hard every month to put together a group of stories which offer real change from week to week.

Last week on SpankingRomance, we had a brand new Western. This week, we have a contemporary, Retail Therapy by Laurel O'Conner. (This is also a new author for us, so welcome Laurel!)

Stella Reeves is a shopaholic. But rather than put the brakes on her out-of-control spending habits she continues to hit the high-end stores until she finds herself in such deep financial trouble she risks losing everything. For a woman who fought her way up from nothing, this is unacceptable. So in desperation she turns to Lighthouse Financial, an enigmatic consumer credit counseling service that guarantees success. When she sits down with her counselor, Mr. Jacobi, she learns two things right away - he insists on complete honesty and obedience to the rules laid out in the contract.

But only too late does she discover how Mr. Jacobi will enforce those rules - with hard, no-nonsense spankings. For the willful Stella, this law-and-order approach runs counter to her desire to get her own way. But Mr. Jacobi is just as determined as she is, and only one will win this battle of wills.

Here's the link to Chapter One of Retail Therapy. Check it out... remember, this five chapter novella is completed and has been posted in full.