Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Stories on Bethany's Woodshed

Each week on Bethany's Woodshed, we add six new stories. The majority of these are new chapters of our longer novels and novellas, though occasionally we publish short stories, particularly with "seasonal" themes.

We post sample "chapter ones" of all of stories in our free area, which means that even if you're not a member there's a lot of good reading for free! A list of all the free "chapter ones" can be found on this page.

It's our policy not to post chapter one until chapter two of a story has been posted for our members. This week, because three "chaper twos" were posted for our members, we have THREE new chapter ones in our free area.

They are:

(Weekly story) The Colony by Fiona Wilde: Chapter One
(Serialized story) Don't Tempt Me by Amity Maree: Chapter One
(Serialized story) Buying Trouble by S.K. Fero: Chapter One

Check these out today!