Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Stories from Spanking Romance!

Happy Holidays! As you nestle down for the winter season, we have been proud to bring you a stories that can easily put you into the perfect holiday mood. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve posted two complete five-chapter novels on Spanking Romance, both with wonderful holiday themes.

A Christmas Carole by Sullivan Clarke
Carole Thackery is a Type A career woman whose perfectionist streak has made her a success at everything - except relationships. On Christmas Eve she finds herself alienated not only from a former trusted employee but from a fiancé who gives her both a spanking and an ultimatum - stop being a control freak and accept his leadership or find someone else.

But headstrong Carole isn't about to let someone spank her and get away with it. She's fully prepared to send him packing the next morning. But then she is visited by three ghosts, who show her that a life without loving rules and limits may be her only chance for happiness.

Click here to read Chapter one!

Christmas Nurse by Joannie Kay
This is the story of five women who work for Dr. Jim in his medical practice. Sally Ann doesn’t want to go to her in-laws’ for Christmas because she feels they hate her, and she thinks it unfair of her husband to threaten her with a spanking when it is his sisters who cause all the trouble. Ginger has a new grandson and learns that her husband won’t hesitate to spank her for her extravagant spending. Trina believes her husband is having an affair and is planning to leave her once the holidays are over. Rachel and her husband receive a very special gift for Christmas. And, Lacy, who gives from the heart so all her co-workers can have time with their families, meets her true love. But, the one secret each of these nurses share in common is the fact that they all receive spankings for Christmas!

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Remember, Spanking Romance provides you with one chapter a week/ four novels a month! The perfect solution for the Spanking Story Collector that hates to wait.

If you’ve read them all and are still in the holiday-spanking mood (and have missed our past-year's classics), visit our EBook site Romantic Spankings to read as much as you’d like, right at this very moment.