Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Updates for Spanking Romance!

We're all sure everyone is thinking about their New Year's resolutions this week. How to keep them all year? How to keep them all week?! Well, we have an update for Spanking Romance that will relieve your post-holiday stress while keeping your resolutions in-mind!

A New Year... A New Beginning by Rebecca Jacobs
Laney is stunned when her estranged, super star husband walks into her antique store on January Second of the New Year. She’s had no word from him in the year since she left, even though she sent him letters to tell him where she was. Now he was here, but it was too late. She didn’t want to be married to a man who spanked… or did she?

Ian Strong’s rising career didn’t matter… His marriage mattered, and now that he’d found Laney, he wasn’t leaving until she gave him a chance to tell her how much he loved her… Even if that meant spanking her to get her to listen!
Click here to sample chapter one!

Resolutions, Inc. by Fiona Wilde
Four women. Four bad habits. Four resolutions for the New Year.

But they all need help, so when they spot an ad for Resolutions, Incorporated - an ad that guarantees success - answering it seems like a good idea.

What they don't know is that RI's tactics are decidedly old-fashioned, and once they are over the knee of the company's enigmatic agent they realize he'll accept nothing but their personal best. Or else.

Click here to sample chapter one!