Friday, June 5, 2009

The First Week of June…


We kept our promises: we have two new features up on Spanking Romance.

  1. PDFs: We have put all available stories into PDF form. There, you can read the entire story in one document without you having to download the story chapter by chapter. This should make downloading and keeping your desktop organized far easier. They're also SO easy to print—making it a nice solution, since the "New Look" is hard to print out on paper from the html file itself.
  2. Plain Text: Some readers don't really get along with some PDFs. Some readers don't like PDFs at all—they want size 6-size 50 fonts, they want it double-spaced—they want to read their spanking novels the way they want to read them, and print them out the way they want to print it out. For them, Plain Text delivers a solution. When you open a plain text and copy what's there, it will paste onto any Word formatting product (Microsoft Word, etc.) just the way it is, with no formatting at all. You format it the way you like it!

    If you have any troubles with the site or anything on it, let Korey know and she'll get on it!

This Week's Story…

The Naughty PI by Joannie Kay

When BJ was caught hiding in Matt Carson's closet the first way, she kneed the man and ran for her life. The second time it happened, Matt gave her the choice of a sound spanking or a call to the police. BJ knew it would mean losing her investigator's license if she stomped out and he called the police. She reluctantly agreed to the spanking, and wondered what she'd gotten herself into!

Five Chapters

Click HERE to sample Chapter One


Weekly Stories

Bartering Innocence Chapter Five by Dort Wesley
Tangled Lies Chapter Seven by S.K. Fero
Veronica Chapter Eight by Nattie Jones

Serialized Stories

Lucinda Chapter Six by Paige Mallory
Bound to Serve Chapter Nine by Sullivan Clarke

Newly Completed Story

Katia's War by Maura McMann

Katia's War is NOT the only completed novel on Bethany's Woodshed. The 'Shed is the pinnacle of spanking fiction and offers dozens of spanking novels for every taste, in every theme. Just make sure you DOWNLOAD—we put stories on, and we take stories away… So don't hesitate to JOIN NOW!