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More Spank Books for Your Reading Convenience!

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I’m sure many of you are excited, now that summer is looming in, to hear that we’ve published a batch of stories onto!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with, Spank Books is our Print-Book site that we host through It’s where we’re able to send you your favorite books in print form!

Did you want to relax by the beach without a folder of printouts or a laptop heating up your lap? Then Spank Books is for you! We have dozens of stories to choose from, so
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Common Question: Are Spank Books PRIVATE?
We understand your need for privacy. We have families, too! We don't want them to know what we're reading. We don't want the guy next to us at the bus stop to know either. SO... We send you the stories in really boring, non-erotic covers, and we make sure to send the package from "ABCD Webmasters". We're on your side for keeping your secret safe!

Now, Let me tell you about your NEW STORIES…

Victorian Brats is the 2nd book of a three book series. Did you want to buy the first book of the series?
Go here!

Victorian Brats: Volume Two
BY: Melinda Barron

More Victorian ladies discover their matches when the fun continues in Volume II of Victorian Brats, with three more complete stories: The Curse of the Mummy, The House Party and The Lady’s Secret. (Fifteen chapters in all!) Gabriella Saunders wants to be a reporter, but for ladies in the Victorian era, that’s not the thing to do. When she runs into her old friend Charlotte, now Lady Essex, she also meets Lord Fergus McIntyre, who knows Gabby needs a firm hand. She also needs his help proving herself innocent of murder. When the Duchess of Melbourne’s husband passes away, she discovers he’d given many of her family heirlooms to his mistress, Lady Strauss. The Duchess wants her possessions back, and Lord Beaton is determined to help her do just that. He’s also determined to take her over his knee, to help improve her deportment in public. It’s the job of Lord Barton to bring Lady Strauss to heel for her wicked ways. But what he discovers proves that Belinda is not as wicked as she seems. She just needs the help of a firm hand to guide her along life’s path. Three more adventures of Victorian Brats, who discover that life is sweeter when they meet the men who are determined to be a driving force in their lives.

Size: 260

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A Warrior’s Quest
BY: Brandy Golden

Ramoric`s dark brows drew into an arrogant scowl. “We of the warrior class have ways of dealing with temperamental women. She will learn to obey me or she won`t like what happens.”

It was King Xanther`s turn to frown. “I don`t want you to hurt my daughter. I trust you are not implying that?”

“I have no intention of hurting her. I may hurt her pride immensely and her buttocks will be sore, but she will learn to obey me."

“I`m afraid I don`t understand.”“You`ve never heard of spanking?” Asked Ramoric, a wry grin twisting his lips.

Size: 251 pages

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Monthly Maintenance is a 12 story anthology! Three of them are BRAND NEW and written for this collection!

Monthly Maintenance
BY: Numerous Authors

From some of our top authors, we have an erotic spanking story for every month of the year! From "Firm Resolutions," by Danielle Smith to "A Spanking for Christmas" by Rebecca Jacobs, we`ve got twelve great spanking stories in all. Some stories are funny.... (Did you ever see "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray? Then you`ll love "Groundhog Spanking" by Monica Vale!) Other stories, like our June offering, "A Bouquet for Briony," by Polly Carter, are sweet and nostalgic. Others, like our October offering, "Something Familiar," by Robin Smith or "Old-Fashioned Day at the State Fair," by Amity Maree (August) are just plain fun. But there is something for everyone in this collection.

Size: 203 pages

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Plain Passion
BY: Nattie Jones

Betsy Borntrager wants nothing more in her life than to kneel for her baptismal vows in the Amish church, marry Eli, and raise a family in the old ways. But she is surrounded by silence amongst the Plain People—silence that is meant to bring her closer to the church, and yet is pushing her further away. The only one not silent is Eli, and he has a different way of dealing with undesirable behavior—spanking, suppositories and plastic rods that make her feel submission in a whole new way.

Size: 113 pages
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Arabella is a terrific story of the BDSM tradition. Did you like Anne Rice’s Beauty Series? Then you’re gonna LOVE this one!

Arabella Part One: In Her Lord`s Stable
BY: K. A. Halle

Arabella is a simple country lass, until the day she is captured into Lord Thayer`s "coterie." Her life quickly becomes very, very different. She is now in her lord`s stable, trained and disciplined to become one of his mares. Then Arabella is informed that the highest honor in the land is to be hers: she is to be the virgin who is put to the "stallion," Prince Sajan, publically at the kingdom`s spring festival. This book is a true classic in the erotic "pony girl" genre. It is very, very explicit, without being as severe as many in the genre. If you loved Anne Rice`s Beauty Series, don`t miss the Arabella series, exclusively here!

Size: 209 pages
Click HERE for Chapter One

Jake`s Secret
BY: Joannie Kay

My father and brothers are going to kill you," Sabrina said soberly. "Will you please listen to me? I am not Charity Davis. My name is Sabrina Masters. Charity quit her job and left town last week, and my father volunteered me to replace her. That is the truth, and if you don`t believe me, then don`t expect me to save you when Papa comes. I won`t do it! And I`ll give you a warning of my own. No one but Papa has ever dared to spank me. You lay a hand on me again, and I`ll personally horsewhip you before Papa hangs you!

Size: 243

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Barbarian Worlds is a well-loved ABCD Webmaster classic! This book will combine the two of the most popular books Sharon Green has written for us!

Barbarian Worlds I & II
By: Sharon Green

Two of Sharon Green`s most popular offerings together! In Barbarian Worlds,Connis and her two sisters are shipwrecked on a barbarian planet after a terrible accident befalls their spacecraft. The three girls are found by three men - locals - who have very clear ideas about how young women should behave and what happens when they don`t. But was the accident really an accident? And are they stuck on the savage planet forever or can Connis figure something out? In Barbarian Worlds 2: A strange gas knocks Casi and Linira out, and they wake up to a situation neither of them expected. They and three other women, girls who have annoyed the guests at the resort with their noise and nonsense, have all been stripped naked. And the men in charge of them and the pavilion they`ve awakened in all carry switches!

Size: 259 pages

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Those Wainright Women: Volume One
By: Monica Vale

In Conqueror’s Captive, when Rose Parker throws a tantrum at London’s famed Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, her guardian Sir Charles Wainright drags her home and spanks her soundly for behaving like a spoiled child. Neither one imagines that she is destined to become the first of Those Wainright Women... Captain Wainright is furious, and no wonder. He has been fighting bravely in the Revolutionary War, loyally following his heroic leader, Benedict Arnold. Now this insolent little redhead is using her news paper to libel that gallant general, calling him a smuggler and a thief. By spanking her soundly he tries to teach her some respect... In the Commodore’s Captive, Washington is burning and First Lady Dolley Madison is fleeing. To help her escape, her distant cousin Rose Wainright takes her place, only to be captured by a British commodore. He has no scruples whatever about spanking the "First Lady’s" famous rear.

Size: 194 pages

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